Camera video inaccessible from Waylens Studio


I have two track days worth of video on my Waylens Horizon; a few hours of video from May, and a few from September. When I open the camera in WaylensStudio, only the May videos are available for watching, exporting, etc.

Looking in the 100TRANS/ folder on my memory card, I see tons of *.ts files, a bunch from may and a bunch from september. These are all very short clips - so, how do I force waylens studio to open the newer files so that I can export video and telemetry? This seems like a bug.


As an update, I copied over the whole video folder to my computer to see if I could somehow watch the newer videos, and no dice. There’s something wrong with the Waylens Studio’s notion of what’s present on the memory card. If I delete all the old index and video files, I still only have my May videos available, except now, they’re not playable since the underlying *.ts files are missing.

Has anyone encountered this? I’d really like to see if I got some good lap videos. I can concatenate all the *.ts files in ffmpeg, however, the telemetry data frames get lost, and I’d like to generate video overlays.



Would it be possible for you to upload a copy of what is on the memory card, or at lease a section of what you aren’t able to read? You can send a private link to

I would also like you to just verify that you are using the most up to date version of Waylens Studio.


I am using 1.4.3, the latest available for the mac. I emailed you at support with a link to the full contents of my memory card.