Can I use the Reset Button


My Secure360 Wifi was professionally installed yesterday, when I got my vehicle home I inserted the Micro SD card and downloaded the app. I went to connect to the wifi and didn’t completely read all the directions. I tried to use my password for logging into your website and the app kept refusing the password. I figured I would delete the app and reload it. Did that and now my phone will not find the wifi signal from the camera. Do I need to disconnect and reconnect the power source for the camera? Can I reset the camera to start over? What do I use to push the reset button? What direction does the button go? Thanks

Camera also emits a clicking sound now every 25 seconds or so. Is this normal?


Clicking sound like an iphone camera shutter or more like a relay clicking. Relays sound kinda like your turn signal if you didn’t know.

If it sounds like a shutter it just means the camera is recording events.

If it sounds like a relay, I would take it back to where it was installed, because it should not be doing that. It sounds like switched power is not staying steady and thats an issue. Wifi will not start until you are on switched power and the camera is powered up. That takes a few seconds.

As for the app and the password, idk what to really tell you. Try a password reset.


Hi @prairiemetalcreation. The app should not have any affect on the camera itself, so the WiFi signal not showing up most likely has to do with a poor or incorrect power connection. If the camera isn’t staying connected, the WiFi hotspot obviously will not activate.

I’m wondering what you meant by:

The WiFi hotspot SSID and Password are printed both on the bottom of the camera and on the installation guide, you don’t need a login/password from our website to connect to the camera. The Login/Pass for the website/app is different than the login/pass for the camera’s WiFi hotspot. Does that make sense?


Thanks for your response, the problem with the password was from me being in a hurry and not reading everything before I started. I was trying to figure out if the camera needed to be reset or if I had other problems. You have answered my questions and I will be talking to the installer again later today to check the power connections.


Well it has been 2 + months and I still can not access the WIFI on my camera. I have taken it back to the installer 4 times to check the connection and he replaced the fuse twice with new ones (just to make sure the problem wasn’t the fuses). The camera does not broadcast a WIFI signal. I have tried with multiple cellphones and can not pick up any WIFI signal at all. What can I do besides sending it in for warranty?


Is it still making the same clicking sound when you use it?


No it doesn’t make any sounds at all. I haven’t been able to connect to the camera since the day was first installed.


Hi @prairiemetalcreation - I apologize for the inconvenience. It’s been way too long for it to not be working. It sounds like you may have a defective unit if you are not seeing any lights when powered or able to see the Secure360’s network through your mobile device. We can send you a replacement, but we’ll need you to send in the request to with your order information and contact/shipping information.


Thanks for your response, I wanted to try all the options before having to replace the unit. I received my camera through the Indiegogo campaign so I will send an email with that information. Do i need to explain the problem again in my email or can I reference your Forum responses?


Hi @prairiemetalcreation - I appreciate you trying to troubleshoot, but since you verified with the installer that it was properly connected, it is likely a defective unit. If it was not connected properly, it could have damaged the camera…but we wouldn’t be able to diagnose until we receive the unit.

You can send a link to this forum thread rather than retype everything in the email. Thank you for your patience!


Will I need to return the power cord along with the camera? Do I have to return to the installer to get the cord removed? I don’t know if he wants to see me again. He has been great guy and not charged me anything after the initial installation.


@prairiemetalcreation - No, you do not need to remove the direct wire cable and return it. We’ll just replace the camera itself.