Can't Setup Camera in App (IOS12)


I configured the camera prior to doing a software update on my phone. After the update, it refused to connect, so I removed the app and tried to set it up as a new camera.

I WILL NOT connect the camera to the app no matter what I try. I will get to the point where I’m connected to the camera’s WiFi, and it will be “configuring the camera” but will never finish. I let it sit on that screen for over 15 minutes and no progress was made.

What’s the trick? I need to get the camera to connect back to my app.




We are aware of an IPv6 bug that we see with certain mobile carriers.

Please put your iPhone in Airplane mode, then turn on your WiFi, and then attempt to connect to your camera again.

Do not turn on mobile data while connecting to the camera in this way.

Let me know if this helps. If it doesn’t we can continue to figure out what isn’t working and how to fix it.


How long should it take for the camera to configure for the app? 30 seconds? 2 minutes?


It should go relatively quickly.

It might help to clear the cache, and force close the app and then reopen it.

Post some screenshots to show what steps you’ve gotten to please.


Steps taken -

Hold down reset while plugging in power (otherwise the Wifi network would not present)

Got connected but didn’t receive an IP address from the camera hotspot. (This seems to be a regular problem)

Did the setup steps after connecting to the camera WiFi network and get this screen with no progress -


Ok, I don’t like how you need to hold down the reset button when you power on. Let’s fix that first.

How have you connected the direct wire? Were you able to use a meter when checking which circuits you were using for battery and accessory power?


I have a Jeep Cherokee which is a challenge to get switched power. It’s switched but takes roughly 15 minutes to turn off after parking.


Can I manually set the IP for connection to the camera? I’ve only been able to get an assigned IP twice since I first set it up.


I don’t believe we can set the IP address directly.

What I would like you to do is to unplug the camera, connect ACC and BAT to a battery power. From there please plug the camera back in and let me know what happens.


Robert -

Thanks for working with me.

I was able to resolve the issue only by doing the following -

I used my spare iPad device running IOS 11, and took it through the setup process until it wanted to rename the camera. I changed the name to Jeep, but then received an error message that Network was not Detected.

I then switched to my iPhone (IOS 12) in Airplane mode, and connected to the camera. I was then able to continue the setup, see the preview, etc.

Until the iPad connected and put the camera in a proper state for continuing the setup, it was dead in the water.

But we’re good for now. I suspect there are definitely some bugs to work out with IOS12 and the Secure360 App.




@gang.liu would probably like to see the app logs. If you can send them in from both devices it would probably help.

Glad you’ve got it working though.


Please try to set the ip to, netmask, gateway
What’s the mobile operator? If you are using T-Mobile or other operators who using T-Mobiles network, the ipv4 is disabled. Please try this test firmware:

Download it and put it in the root folder of the SD card, and wait until it said “upgrade successful”. It might said “upgrade failed”, please do not disconnect the USB cable directly, please wait 1 more minute.