Facebook not linked error


After the last firmware update I can not longer upload to facebook. I get an error saying Im not linked to facebook and prompted to get it setup. When I click the link it opens the facebook app and then asks me if I want to allow the waylens app to have access. When I say OK facebook tells me it’s already linked.

I tried removing the app access from facebook and trying the setup all over again. This time the initial linking of the app completes as you would expect without errors BUT… then when I try to actually upload the video clips I get the same YOU FACEBOOK ACCOUNT IS NOT LINKED error from the waylens app.

Anyone have any ideas ?


It was mentioned a couple of weeks back that Facebook changed the rules for live streaming integration and that Waylens would have to rework things to make it work again. Not sure if there’s an update on that yet:



What the status of this @VincentSun?


We’ve been turned down by FB for multiple times and I am still under the negotiation with them.
I will remove the entrance for FB Live in the next update.

Version: 1.8.03 "Power Mode"

Obviously I don’t know the details, but I noticed that the app seems to want page access when maybe it doesn’t need it. Just speaking from my (limited) experience in building Facebook apps, but maybe it would help to remove those permission requests. Last time I went through this process with Facebook those apps asking for page management permissions required more vetting.

Thanks for your help! Would love to see it working.


Hey guys, to be clear I’m talking about having issues just uploading the 60 second events made from pressing the remote capture button. I’m not talking about live-streaming anything. Can someone shed some light on how I can get my specific issue resolved ?


Sorry for the confusion, but my guess is that the issue is with linking to the Facebook account period regardless of the desired function (either live streaming or uploading). If Facebook is blocking the app from connecting then I don’t think that either function will work.


Maybe someone can advise then if there’s a way to save the clips directly to my phone WITH the stats overlay so I can use my phones other functions to edit the clip and / or upload to social media of my choice using the native apps ? In the past saving the clip directly to my iPhone didn’t have any of the overlays on it for speed, pitch, roll, etc…


You can save the clips with overlay from the Waylens Horizon app, and please make sure that you have turned the overlay to ON before you download it to your phone.


Here is the response I got from Facebook, actually I think I only need the approvement of publish_video, and it adds the app_verification automatically. Since the login/verification happens on the camera side, I recorded a video to demonstrate it as it worked before. Now there is no field in the details left for me to upload that video. I tried uploading it in the details of “publish_video” or attaching it in “report a problem” with no luck. So that’s where I am stuck.


Strange. The documentation still shows that you should be able to upload a screencast of how you use the permissions. Have you contacted Facebook? I’m sure they’d be willing to provide some support. Sounds like a bug or something on their end.

Appreciate the efforts!


Thanks for trying.

I’d prefer youtube live streaming if possible. A lot of cars I race with use youtube for live streaming, and there are ways to consolidate all the streams in one place. Would be cool if I could stream with the waylens.