High Endurance MicroSD card links



Waylens Community,

We’ve received questions from users on which microSD cards are recommended for the Secure360 and Horizon cameras. We’ve told users in our messaging and in the installation guide that the cameras require a High Endurance - Class 10 or higher MicroSD card. Horizon supports 32-128gb and Secure360 32-256gb.

The key spec for microSD cards is selecting one that is considered “High Endurance”, which is designed specifically for dashcams and video monitoring/surveillance devices. Be sure to read the fine print when selecting a card.

For instance, Samsung EVO microSD cards warranty info states: *Warranty not valid when used in dashcam, CCTV, surveillance camera and other write-intensive devices.

While standard microSD cards may work in your Waylens camera or other cameras, there are a limited amount of times that the card can be looped over before becoming corrupt, produce errors or no longer usable.

Here are some of the cards that we recommend:

  1. SanDisk High Endurance 32/64gb - Waylens sells the 64gb on our shop page: https://shop.waylens.com/product/Z2lkOi8vc2hvcGlmeS9Qcm9kdWN0LzEzMTE2NTUxMDA1MDY=



  1. Transcend High Endurance - 32/64/128gb: https://www.transcend-info.com/Products/No-727

3. Samsung Pro Endurance - 32/64/128gb: https://www.samsung.com/us/computing/memory-storage/memory-cards/microsdxc-pro-endurance-memory-card-w-adapter-128gb-mb-mj128ga-am/

4. Silicon Power High Endurance 64gb : https://www.silicon-power.com/web/news_detail-20161209002