Horizon - Feature Request


For starters, I’m a user, and not someone within the company. But, I’d like to be able to post somewhere to show what features people want. Post below, and I’ll try to keep and updated list of request and the number of people who want them.

Mods, please look into the feature request system that is seen on this website: http://help.mightytext.net/forums/123495-general It allows for voting, but limits users to 10 votes.

The format for this list is:

  • Feature Request Area
    • Details on the request

Here’s the full list as last edit:

  • Camera Screen Gauge Customization
    • Colors (not currently in development, but possible)
    • Gauge Style / Themes (not currently in development, but possible)
    • Minimum / Maximum / Red Line Values being configurable for OBD sensors
    • Remember last-used gauge and display it on the camera’s screen by default
    • Battery % shown
  • Data Recording
    • Manual Calibration & Zeroing of Sensors in the Camera (Pitch & Roll) (Waylens studio can adjust offline, but on camera settings are not currently in development, but possible)
    • Data/Noise Filters (Rolling Average or Kalman filtering)
    • Configure OBD PIDs to monitor and record.(Oil Temp, Oil Press, Coolant Temp, Intake Air Temp)
    • Configurable OBD2 Update Rate
    • Choice of data source on redundant measurements (GPS/OBD speed)
    • Pedal positioning data (Throttle/Brake/Clutch)
  • Additional Post-Processing Options
    • Video Titles (not currently in development, suggestion of using third party software)
    • Additional Video file integration (overlay of in-cabin or exterior cameras) (not currently in development, suggestion of using third party software)
  • Android/iOS Mobile App Request
    • Apple-CarPlay and Android-Auto app (not currently in development)
  • Remote Button Request
    • Start/Stop of long Recording (not currently in development, but possible)
  • SD card benchmark test (suggested using third party software)
  • App Request
    • Battery % shown
  • Hardware Request
    • LED indication that the camera is charging from a completely dead battery.

New Product Request / Hardware Revision Request

  • Secondary Camera
    • Syncing Multiple Waylens Horizon Cameras
    • Secondary Camera as a new product (exterior mounting requested)
    • Secondary Camera / HDMI mini in as a new product (to be used if cameras are already installed)
  • Threaded Lens Ring - add lens filters such as a polarizer or UV filter
  • Additional Buttons on wireless remote - add the option of clicking up or down while in a harness
  • 4k/8k HDR/Dolby Vision Camera
  • Battery Free Model (to prevent overheating issues, a battery pack would be an accessory for this model)

In development or implemented features:

  • Performance Test Request
    • 1/8 mile time
    • 1/4 mile time
    • 1/2 mile time
    • 1 mile time
    • 0-100 mph time
    • 0-60-0 mph time (No plans to support)
    • 0-100-0 mph time (No plans to support)
    • 0-100kmh
    • 60-130mph time
  • Wireless Microphone Capabilities - In Development
  • Basic OBD DTC reader functionality
    • Read/Clear ODB Trouble Codes
  • Additional Post-Processing Options
  • Data Exporting
  • Live Streaming (Facebook)

Requested features that are not possible in this hardware configuration

  • Ability to mount camera sidways
    • This was called the vertical video of Waylens, and should not be done. The universal adapter and accessories can allow for 90 degree mounting.
  • GPS speed/sensors to work without usb powered
    • Currently the GPS is not in the camera but the windshield mount, and is powered directly by the USB. This is not possible without hardware level changes.
    • See request for using OBD speed not GPS speed
  • Bluetooth Phone options
    • Camera app connection over bluetooth will not be done due to bandwidth issues.

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Hi @dabozz88! Thanks for your request. I moved this topic from “General Discussion” to the “Feedback” category.

We definitely have it in the development queue to offer more gauge styles, designs and ways to customize. The great thing about the Horizon camera is that we can provide updates and add new features/improvements as we receive feedback from our users.


I am also curious why the newest (3rd) gauge style is not at all customizable—specifically, why can’t I turn the boost gauge off? My car is naturally aspirated.


@sketch you should be able to turn the boost gauge off in the third gauge style. Is the option not available in your software? Do you have the latest version from www.waylens.com/download/ ?


A few things I’d like to see (in no particular order):

  • Ability to calibrate/zero the Pitch & Roll gauge. If I adjust the camera so that it reads level while I’m in a sloped parking lot, the measurement will be off once I get onto a more level road or track. As a result, I usually visually level the camera against the lines of my hood before I start driving, and would like to be able to tell the camera “this is your zero” once I’m on a reasonably-level surface.
  • Option to use the remote button for manual Start/Stop. Using it to trigger a highlight is great for daily driving, but for track use it seems that a manual start/stop would be more useful.
  • Built-in SD card benchmark/test. It would be great to have advanced notice that my card may not be up to snuff rather than have it suddenly fail in the middle of a road trip or event.
  • Remember last-used OBD gauge and display it on the camera’s screen by default. I may want to always view temperature data, for instance, and shouldn’t have to swipe through the other displays to get there.
  • Select additional OBD values to monitor/filter. This goes for both the on-camera gauges as well as the data recorded alongside the video. Filtering unneeded PIDs may improve the update rate (it definitely did for me with other systems); at the same time, being able to choose individual metrics to record would make sure that nothing gets missed. (For example, Boost isn’t important to me in my NA car, but oil temperature might be crucial to monitor.)
  • Seconding @dabozz88’s request for customization of the on-camera gauge displays. The current gauge style kind of sucks for at-a-glance readability. Making the tach display behave more like a tach would make a lot more sense.
  • Optional title display for exported videos. This needn’t be anything fancy, but being able to quickly identify a video as “March 20, 2017 - Run 3” would be helpful both to the video creator as well as anyone watching the video.
  • Basic OBD DTC reader functionality? This may be a bit of a pipe dream, but since I had to give up my OBD port to the Waylens adapter, it would be quite nice to be able to pull/clear trouble codes without having to swap adapters and pair my phone.


I’m not all that well versed on how OBD communications work, but I would want to avoid any of the PIDs because tuning can be unstable. Now I don’t know if there is any other way to see the measurements, as it could just be the PV for the PID that they’re looking at. But this gets a little too far under the hood for what I think the company is trying to do.

I ordered one of these in case I ever wanted to use another OBD device.

Would I like to be able to read codes? Yes, but is it necessary? No, I can get by with other devices.

This one I think is a good idea, but at the same time, you can use the general recording folder for that information. The long press function (which is built in, but not used) would be great here.

I would also want to add a filter for the accelerometer and pitch and roll. I want to show the G-forces going through a banked turn. I don’t want to see every small bump in the road.


I’m not looking for anything exotic - just a few more of the Standard PIDs to be monitored and/or filtered. For instance, I’d like to keep an eye on my oil temperature (PID 5C) but don’t necessarily care about seeing boost (I’m assuming that’s derived from the intake manifold absolute pressure, PID 0B) on my naturally-aspirated car.


Like I said, I was not that well versed in how OBD communications worked. I was thinking control theory PIDs, as that’s what I do for a living. These are Parameter IDs, which are clearly different. I do know that you can perform some tuning through OBD ports, but I have not even begun to learn how to do that, but that’s probably a different type of tuning than what I would be used to.

Anyway, I still think that the Waylens team should decide what PIDs to get and what not to. However users should be able to disable any gauges that are unnecessary. Maybe have a longer setup process, asking what you want to monitor.


I would like to see some more performance features

  • 1/8 mile time
  • 1/4 mile time
  • 1/2 mile time
  • 1 mile time
  • 0-100 mph time
  • 0-60-0 mph time
  • 0-100-0 mph time

Additionally I would like the option to connect to my phone through Bluetooth.


Agreed, and I’ve re-worded my request to hopefully make that a bit more clear. Users shouldn’t be expected to manually input or select which hexadecimal PIDs they want to monitor, but should be able to pick from a list of common metrics. There’s already the OBD Gauges menu on the camera where you can toggle what readings should be available as on-camera gauges and the Gauge Setting menu in the app to change what overlays should be visible on exported videos. I’d like to see additional options in both places - as well as some way to control what data is actually recorded by the camera rather than just toggling their display.

Bluetooth seems like it would simplify the connection between the camera and the phone, but I’m not sure if it would be able to provide the bandwidth needed for displaying video previews in near-realtime. If nothing else, it would be great to have some sort of fall-back Bluetooth connection for configuration/monitoring operations without a video feed.

PS: thanks @dabozz88 for creating/managing the thread!


First of all: I already was in contact with some developers and they react quite fast and already realised some suggestions.

Some ideas I already handed over via Email and Facebook (to be complete here):

  • Possibility to adjust the redlines in the camera overlay. Fore example: In my car the usual water temp is about 105°C (redline 100°C - means I always drive with a red water warning on the Waylens overlay) Boost gauge works but my max boost is <10PSI which nearly isn’t visible with the actual used scale.
  • Oil temperature as a crucial feature for sporty drivers and cars (already mentioned)

Perhaps via some sort of expert mode:

  • Boost up the sampling rate if the cars OBD2-port can provide a higher one than the 10Hz provided at the moment. My car (2013 BMW M135i can provide at least 50Hz stated by BMW and already proved with a different OBD2-stick)
  • Possibility to gain control over the transmitted data (switch off not required) to boost up the sampling rate of the remaining data.


Yes, developer contact is great. I’ve had a few email chains with them as well. But I figure if we have a forum, why not use it? I only expect this website/brand to grow, and this is one of those things that I’d think is standard for these kinds of forums. I honestly expect that the mods may eventually take over this post.


I’ve added this to the main post, but the voting system see here: http://help.mightytext.net/forums/123495-general would be useful for a feature request page. Any chance that this can be implemented in select threads?


The problem with Bluetooth is the bandwidth…correct @codesplice

All great points and feedback. Noted!


As a long-term request, I’d like to suggest a CarPlay and Android-Car app which takes the OBD II data and displays it in a virtual gauge cluster. Since the camera can connect to the phone via WiFi, there ought not be any bandwidth issues. Perhaps, too, we could add a strip at the bottom of the screen containing basic camera controls (e.g. start/stop recording). I got the idea while driving this morning and realizing the vast amount of screen real estate available on the head unit relative to the tiny screen of the Waylens Camera. Just a thought.


Honestly, I think that’s a horrible idea. The gauge shown on the camera itself already has a fairly decent lag from the bluetooth dongle, and this would only add an additional lag to the car screen. Maybe have it where if you wanted to watch the live feed, or any of the camera’s on board sensors, but otherwise its a bad idea.

A better (in my opinion) option would be a secondary app that shows things like performance data and history (gforce dot with a historical trail, or PID values vs other PID values), a bigger 0-30/60 display and the lap timer features.

Anyway I’ll add it to the top post.


I like this idea quite a bit. I’d love to be able to view the captured telemetry following a run like a lot of the phone-bound dataloggers do (Harry’s Lap Timer, TrackAddict, SoloStorm, etc.).


Perhaps a full virtual cluster is asking a lot, but the lag is in the dongle-camera connection. Some of that data is going to the camera already. If we disable some data streams (e.g. Boost, MAF), shouldn’t that free up bandwidth for useful data like oil temp? What additional lag is introduced over a WiFi connection?

A carplay or android auto app leverages all that additional real estate for camera controls and a limited number of gauges.


No, because you’re adding a connection, which adds lag.

Think hops -> 1 hop from OBD dongle to camera -> 1 hop from camera to phone -> 1 hop from phone to AndroidAuto/AppleCarPlay. Each hop introduces latency (time delay). Even if you were to go straight from the camera to the “infotainment” screen, it would still be 1 additional hop.

While I think you have a good idea, you would want to get the info from the source via the OBD directly. It’s a bad idea to do so otherwise. Since the OBD dongle for this system is bluetooth, you cannot have two connections to it. Maybe a different product would work better.


App Feature Request:

  1. Be able to setup camera with android based phone. I am on a Pixel XL and still can’t get the camera setup. I had to use an old iphone to update the firmware. I dont understand why after I connect to the camera hotspot it immediately wants to connect to another wifi network and wont setup without it. Worthless for android/camera in car.

1a. I ordered a HooToo Wireless Travel Router to circumvent the failed wifi setup. It has a DLNa feature, which could be an alternative for offloading videos from the camera without having to remove (camera, sd card or using smartphone) from the vehicle, even automatically storing ‘highlights’ to the DLNa folder. It could be rebranded as a Waylens Travel Router in the accessories.

  1. Ability to mount camera sidways for better mounting options. Perhaps auto works with this? I havent tested it yet. (My car already has a small windshield, for example, my sun-visors are only 2.5" x 9"). Forcing me to mount it 4" below the top of my windshield blocks my field of vision.

Future product update:

  1. Did you give up on the outdoor clear case? I don’t want my camera exposed to wind, sand, bugs, rocks or rain.

  2. Mic jack for a remote/extended microphone. This was one of the cool features gopro had. You can run a mic into the engine bay and the sound matched the car. That way those of us who have convertibles don’t have to listen to wind rustling or blow out the built-in mic.

Maybe this can be added to the external GPS part you are testing?