Horizon - Feature Request


@f1ydave_0002. Thanks for your feedback!

We now have added our firmware update files to https://www.waylens.com/download/ so can manually update.

So just download the files, put them in the root folder of your camera’s microSD card, put it in the camera, power up and the firmware updates automatically!



Be able to setup camera with android based phone. I am on a Pixel XL and still can’t get the camera setup. I had to use an old iphone to update the firmware. I dont understand why after I connect to the camera hotspot it immediately wants to connect to another wifi network and wont setup without it. Worthless for android/camera in car.

1a. I ordered a HooToo Wireless Travel Router to circumvent the failed wifi setup. It has a DLNa feature, which could be an alternative for offloading videos from the camera without having to remove (camera, sd card or using smartphone) from the vehicle, even automatically storing ‘highlights’ to the DLNa folder. It could be rebranded as a Waylens Travel Router in the accessories.

Sorry Dave, I’ve got a damn iphone from work so I haven’t tested it out with an android device. I’d direct you to talk to @forum for more support.

Ability to mount camera sidways for better mounting options. Perhaps auto works with this? I havent tested it yet. (My car already has a small windshield, for example, my sun-visors are only 2.5" x 9"). Forcing me to mount it 4" below the top of my windshield blocks my field of vision.

Added. This would be a very good feature, and should be easily implemented in the settings (as we already have this for upside down mountings).

Did you give up on the outdoor clear case? I don’t want my camera exposed to wind, sand, bugs, rocks or rain.

I’ll direct you to this forum, where they have not given up on the outdoor case, but have delayed it and are working on other more important issues.

Mic jack for a remote/extended microphone. This was one of the cool features gopro had. You can run a mic into the engine bay and the sound matched the car. That way those of us who have convertibles don’t have to listen to wind rustling or blow out the built-in mic.

Added to the list. However, I think this would need to be an additional bluetooth accessory, as the way the camera is built right now I don’t see this being a simple add. @forum could confirm.


What’s the difference between the two models?


@dabozz88 and @f1ydave_0002…we’re very aware everyone wants additional mounting options. We’re working hard to develop and test new solutions which will open up a wide variety of mounting options. Weatherproof case in development as well.

Adding a mic jack isn’t in the plans, but wireless microphone capabilities have been on our feature request list for a while now.

You all have really great ideas! Many of these requests are already in development or on our radar. We are working hard to continue to improve the Horizon and the user experience! Keep the feedback coming!


Adding a mic jack isn’t in the plans, but wireless microphone capabilities have been on our feature request list for a while now.

Please see the top post, as I stated, I think a bluetooth/wireless mic would be best. I would hope that this would be something that can use existing equipment (2.5 mm audio cable/RCA connector input).

You all have really great ideas! Many of these requests are already in development or on our radar. We are working hard to continue to improve the Horizon and the user experience! Keep the feedback coming!

I’d like to keep the main list at the top of the post updated with what is in development or even under consideration by your team. I believe in transparency like that. Would you be willing to inform us as to the other request that are “in development”?


@dabozz88 VOC is the kickstarter model…the hardware identifier code is a way for the company to identify which cams came out of the first production run.


@dabozz88 we will definitely let everyone know through our newsletter and on the “news” category of the forum when we are able to officially announce features/products in development. If we were to list “all things in development” you may get your hopes up for a certain feature or product that may or may not make it through the development phase and available to market.


I have 2 kickstarter models.

With the weather-proof case you can put molded hooks or loops for tether and 1/4" threaded screw mount.

Ideally, I would like to be able to mount off my rearview mirror. Ill make whatever work though.


On GM vehicles one of the parameters I’d like the option to monitor would be oil temperature as well as the current coolant temp.
Also oil pressure would be nice.


updated the top post.


I ordered the exact same Y adapter on eBay so I can have my DiabloSport tuner plugged in as well as a control for my windows up/down and 1/2 way.
I like the way it’s low profile. When not running with the tuner monitoring stuff now it will be for the Waylens camera.


Hey @dabozz88 that’s a great idea to have people vote for feedback requests. I’ll bring it up at our next meeting!


I thought the website I posted did a fantastic job of it. I am trying to keep the top post updated for your team, but obviously I’m a user and it should be run by someone who is being paid to do so.

If you have any formatting request for me on the top post please let me know.


I think it’s great @dabozz88! We’re a small team over here at Waylens so we appreciate all of the help.


Export video without audio

We’ve already got a few options when exporting a clip via the Waylens app (gauges, resolution). For track videos, I’ll pretty much always want to include the in-car audio (listen to that 2.0l boxer roar!!). For daily dashcam videos, though, I may not always want to share the obnoxious music I’m listening to or some choice four-letter-words I used to verbally shame the idiot who just pulled out in front of me.

I’d really appreciate an easy way to export a video without the audio stream. :slight_smile:


I think that can be more of a post-processing thing. As you can mute your videos on YouTube (and other MP4 editors) and overlay music on them.

Maybe a way to mute the audio when uploading to the app? Idk if that’s even an option, I’d have to check.


The whole appeal of the Waylens system (to me, at least) is not having to do any post-processing work after the fact.

The Waylens app even lets you add music to videos already, so it seems kind of obvious to also offer an option to mute the audio entirely.


I’ll add it (when I’m at a computer), because I agree that from the app it should be possible. But post processing should always be a thing. Waylens just makes it easier to see the data with the video, doing 90% of the post. You still need to upload it to YouTube.


Here’s a little trick…switch from video audio to background music, but don’t choose a track and it will mute the audio all together. I just tried this and it works…

I think we can probably add a mute button to make things clear in a future release. Request is put in.


Nice! I’ll definitely give that a go!