Horizon - Feature Request


Updated main post to include this.


Ah, looks like that’s only available in the Waylens Studio application rather than the Android app. You can add music, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to get it to stick unless you actually select an audio track.

Adding a mute button would definitely be more obvious anyhoo. Thanks!!


While I didn’t check if @Forum solution works, you can use the audio overlay feature on the iOS app.


I like the idea of muting the sound. For some reason, the audio always has this weird high pitched noises (I assume are clipping?).


I know some others have already requested some of this data, but these are the data I’d like to have the option to capture:

Oil pressure
Oil temperature
Coolant temperature
Throttle position
Steering wheel angle
Front brake pressure
Longitudinal g-force
Lateral g-force

and I’d like to be able to capture this data regardless of the OBDII-equipped vehicle I’m driving (i.e., personal, company, rental, friend’s, etc.).


FYI, we are improving the “audio mute” option in Waylens Studio. This will be included in the next release of Waylens Studio, maybe 1.3.3. And we also begin to add this option into our Apps, which may take a little longer to release.


Adding on the performance stats . I would like to see 60’ time (if possible ) and trap speed associated with 1/8,1/4,1/2,1 mile. I use it as a calibration (progress tool ) to measure my progress.


since the car uses an ob2 plug in it would be awesome if the app could read ob2 error codes / check engine codes or just give you the code. that would make the camera not only a camera but an amazing tool


Actually support is working on that right now for a very near future firmware upgrade which will give you the ability to read the codes and clear the codes.


Freaking awesome!!! this camera is the shit. question for you David have you had any problems with the waylens studio. i am getting this terrible feed back that continues even after i pause the vid. but if i play the vid in media player no noise problems


I’ve got it marked as in development on the top post of the thread.

I thought they completed it and I actually asked a similar question in another thread. Here I am curating a list of feature request, and I don’t know what features are available.


What platform? Android/windows/iOS/OS X?


using waylens studio on windows 7 pro


Hey @slewisr,

For the Windows 7 or older systems, users need to install DirectX to support the running of QT library which is used on WaylensStudio for playing back audio.

You can download this library at the following url:

After installing this library and restarting system, the audio issue should be resolved.



It seems that Waylens is following the increasingly irritating trend of providing NO written instructions (the kiddie pictograph doesn’t count). I’m not referring to an all encompassing set of written instructions. That would be difficult due to the nature of rapidly changing features. I would have preferred a basic set of installation, basic feature instructions and requirements for additional items (I know I’ll need Class 10 micro-SD, but I’m sure not all purchasers may know). And if you must include a pictograph, how about one showing how to get everything back in the container. Not everyone enjoys a puzzle as much as I do.
Provide written instructions unless item assembles and installs itself in customer vehicle.


Hi @danparker8, I agree with you on the written instructions and this was brought to managements attention in our last meeting. Its in the works…

Have you tried checking out our support page for FAQs or our support videos? As far as the repackaging of the components, we can create a diagram for you!


I’ve got a feature I would like to pitch. Hopefully the Waylens team will consider it. I would like to be able to broadcast/stream my video feed live to apps such as Periscope. I love being able to livestream my drone video feed when I take it for a spin, and to be able to do that with my car would be spectacular.


First of all I’m a new user and this camera is super amazing! simply perfect

Feature: Option to export Lap Timer data into different race analysis tools file formats

For example: I used to record GPS data using Harry’s Lap Timer, than in its iOS app I export the data into .vbo file and using my computer I was able to open it in Circuit Tools. This tool lets me view the track path and a graph of my performance for each lap, also I can compare my best lap with other laps and see how to improve my driving.

I think that it can be done by adding an export feature to the Studio application (windows\mac) and support exporting to various race analytics tools (like Circuit Tools). In my example the .vbo file format is a simple text file which contains a comma seperated values of GPS coordinates, video times and OBD indicator data.


Hi @MosheSivan! Yes, I’ve actually requested to our engineers the addition of VBO export options as well as DBN files for race logic. It’s definitely on our radar…