Horizon - Feature Request


Seconding (thirding? does @forum’s vote count? ;)) that request for VBO export. :+1:


@hugo or @codesplice do you have a sample .VBO or .DBN file you can share with @VincentSun?

See this post:


I don’t have any native DBO files (produced by RaceLogic components), but could probably find some VBO-formatted data exported from HLT if that would be helpful.


@hugo @OvoNiD

I’ve updated the main post to include your suggestions.

Personally I’m not big on live streaming. But I asked before the kickstarter even ended if they were going to allow data exports. Here’s hoping.


just sent it, hope to see it soon.


Hi, I am a new user and I would like a couple of new features:

1. Highlight Pre Buffer
I noticed that the highlight videos start when the highlight button is pressed. I would really like a pre buffer that I can set, so that the video starts say 5, or 10 seconds before the button is pressed. This way I can press the button after the event has occurred and the event is in the highlight video with out me having to manually set it.

2. Sync multiple Waylens Horizons
This may already be possible, I am not sure. But I would like to record driver action as well and sync up the videos. Can I connect one of the highlight triggers to 2 waylens cameras? that way, when I press it, both cameras save a highlight video that can be synced up in post processing? Or can I just copy and paste the .idx files from one camera’s folder to the other’s and it will create the highlight videos at the same GPS times?

Thanks :slight_smile:


Welcome to the Waylens Community @mechstud!

You can already set a pre-buffer (through the app). Connect your camera to the mobile app and under the camera settings choose “highlight”. You can set up to 30 seconds before you click the highlight button and up to 90 seconds after the button is pressed.

Regarding syncing multiple cameras - I’ve manually synced 3+ cameras using the time of day gauge and audio waveform in Adobe Premiere, but I’m not sure about pasting the IDX files to the 2nd camera’s folder… @VincentSun, would that work?


I like the idea of triggering multiple cameras with a single remote, but at the same time I kind of think that a Horizon would be overkill for a camera watching the driver or even another view out/on/over the car. An action camera without all the data inputs would probably be a better choice. You’d only really need the telemetry from one camera anyway.


Thank you guys for the prompt reply.
@forum I had not noticed those options for the highlight. Thanks.

@codesplice I agree that the Horizon would be overkill in that the telemetry is not needed, but the GPS time stamps that the Horizon has is needed for syncing, at least to automate the syncing some how.

@VincentSun If the .idx files were plain text, it would make automating highlights for the second, third cameras much easier. Of course, I am assuming that the .idx files are used to flag the begining and end of highlight videos. If you can un-encrypt those that would be very helpful in syncing multiple Horizon cams.

Thanks again guys.


Thanks for the feedback. @mechstud
Technically it is feasible to mark highlights on multiple cameras at the same time via a remote, but we have to modify the design of the remote which is very time consuming. And it is not in our plan, to be honest.
.idx files are the ones that store the raw data, .clip files are the ones that record the highlight and other clip related info.
For your usage, I recommend to purchase our 360 camera to record the videos inside and outside of the vehicles. That will be a perfect solution.:slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for the clarification @VincentSun. So would copying the the .clip files and pasting it in the other camera’s folder create the highlight files at the same GPS times? or do the .clip files need to be modified? If they need to be modified, can you please elaborate how to do that? Thanks again. :smile:


No, it won’t work. Each clip has a unique id in it.
I am sorry to say it is not a feasible solution.


Thanks. Please let me know if you guys come up with a solution for syncing multiple cameras or if that is something you are considering doing.

@dabozz88, could you add syncing multiple cameras to the feature want list?

Thanks :slight_smile:


The “remember gauge” function is something I really need. Should not be that hard to make?



I’d like to make an update on this post and discuss what is in production or testing or what will be ignored.

This thread is getting rather long and I think we can come up with a better way to address feature request.

What are your thoughts?


Hi @dabozz88 and Horizon Users! I can go down the list and let everyone know which requests aren’t possible, not being considered or potentially in the plans…

•Ability to mount camera sidways - unfortunately it’s not possible. Mounting the Horizon sideways is like recording vertical video on a mobile device.

•Colors - I would love to see a custom color picker for gauges in the future.

•Gauge Style / Themes - We have talked about new gauge styles, but it just comes down to designer availability.

•Remember last-used gauge and display it on the camera’s screen by default - @VincentSun is this something we can implement in the short term?

•Manual Calibration & Zeroing of Sensors in the Camera (Pitch & Roll) - an adjustment was added in the export settings of Waylens Studio, but a firmware update will require a lot of development time. TBD.

•Configure OBD PIDs to monitor and record.(Oil Temp, Oil Press, Coolant Temp, Intake Air Temp)

•Configurable OBD2 Update Rate @VincentSun are the last two items even possible to develop or are there limitations of the bluetooth bandwidth?

•Video Titles, Additional Video file integration (overlay of in-cabin or exterior cameras) - this can be done in third party software such as iMovie, Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere. To integrate into Waylens Studio would require a lot of development and we simply do not have the resources at this time.

•Performance Test Request - All of this is in development and testing phase
1/8 mile time
1/4 mile time
1/2 mile time
1 mile time
0-100 mph time
0-60-0 mph time
0-100-0 mph time
60-130mph time

Android/iOS Mobile App Request

•Apple-CarPlay and Android-Auto app - I know this would require a lot of development and is not in the plans for now…

•Live Streaming - It’s not possible with the Horizon, it would require hardware updates.

Remote Button Request

•Start/Stop of long Recording - @VincentSun is this something we can configure in the Horizon camera settings? Remote Button; Highlight or Start/Stop option?

•SD card benchmark test - I like this one, but I believe it can be done on a PC with third party software.


These two items are not in our support list:
0-60-0 mph time
0-100-0 mph time
We should be able to add an option for remote button so that it could control the start/stop recording.
Live streaming: with a 4G router in car, I think it is possible, we are studying its feasibility actually.
Thank you.


@VincentSun, I read through them too quick, I didn’t see the 0-60-0 and 0-100-0.

That’s great you are looking into streaming. I guess I assumed the user was asking for built in 4G streaming. You are talking about using a third party router. That’s great if we can find a way to make it work, possibly offer a 4G accessory in the future? I could see how it would be beneficial to stream for users who would like to view what’s going on with the car from the pits at a track.



I’ve updated the main post to show certain things in development or not possible.

Upon review there was talk of an external microphone, is there any update on that?

For the SD Card benchmark testing, can you suggest the third party software you want us to use?

As for the Gauge styles on camera (note not the overlay ones in the app) I think it should be fairly easy to implement the colors, gauge styles, & Min/Max/RedLine values as in app options. Most should be just exposing a value to the user.

Specifically these gauges:

I don’t understand why Speed and RPM are shown as growing circles, when in most cars the speedo and tach are shown as needle gauges (more similar to your boost gauge).

And an option for GPS vs OBD speed should also be fairly easy to implement as well.

Also there was no mention of the following:

  • Camera Screen Gauge Customization
    • Remember last-used gauge and display it on the camera’s screen by default
  • Data Recording
    • Data/Noise Filters (Rolling Average or Kalman filtering)
    • Configure OBD PIDs to monitor and record.(Oil Temp, Oil Press, Coolant Temp, Intake Air Temp)
    • Configurable OBD2 Update Rate
    • Choice of data source on redundant measurements (GPS/OBD speed)
    • Pedal positioning data (Throttle/Brake/Clutch)
  • Secondary Camera
    • Syncing Multiple Waylens Horizon Cameras

I know @VincentSun has stated several things about the OBD2 update rate, and other PIDs to monitor before, and I was hoping on a solid answer here.

Also, I think we should find a better format than one single thread with the top post being the working list. Any thoughts?



I’ve got a question for you: is there any where we can see the exact battery %? I was attempting to update the Horizon to the latest firmware, but I had literally just taken that car out for the first time in months. So the battery in the camera was near dead, and it will not let me update unless I’m at higher than 20%. Which is fine, but how do I know when the camera is at 20%?

If there isn’t a place in the app, may I suggest adding it to the power options area. In this area it did say ‘camera is charging’ and maybe if the camera is not charging it says the battery percentage, but it’d be nice to know that while charging.

Now I was checking this while I was on my way to work, so I might have missed this, but if I didn’t can it be added in? It seems relatively easy to do, as most of the structure is already in place.