Horizon - Feature Request


@dabozz88, while the camera is charging on the USB dock, quickly press the power button once and it will read the battery percentage! I think the reason behind not keeping it on the display while charging is due to potential screen burn in.

Did you also mean that you’d like to see the actual number on the camera’s live view screen while it’s running?


I just checked, and hitting the power button does not work on the Universal Mount Adapter. I know that you guys suggest that we do not keep the camera mounted 100% of the time, but I try not to remove the camera and instead just remove the SD card to connect to the computer.

I don’t need to see the percentage all the time, and I’m feeling extra helpful today, so here are the places I think they should go.

On Camera
I couldn’t find a clean image of this so I took one of my own.

In App


Great suggestions @dabozz88! I’ll look into this with our software engineers and see if we can make this happen!



I’ll add the battery % to the list then.

Also, as seen in this thread, we discussed a possible new accessory that allows you to scroll through the camera menus. So in addition to the remote button, would it be possible for future accessories to have a scroll wheel type add on for up, down, and select inputs? It would be advantageous when you are strapped into a harness and want to do something with the camera. Obviously it would be a far more long term request, but something to think about.


Thanks @dabozz88!

As far as the remote scroll wheel, that’s an interesting idea. It would definitely require new hardware to be created and produced. I’ll bring it up at our next development meeting.


Would really love the ability to modify how long before and after is captured when I click the highlight button. Also sorry if this exists, just unboxed mine today and haven’t found a way to do that so far.


This actually does exist. You can record up to 30 seconds before and 90 seconds after, for a maximum of 2 minutes long highlights. I forget where the setting is, @forum will probably get back to you tomorrow. He works for them and is very active, and I’m sure he has screenshots that’ll help you find the setting.

I’d like to reverse those times though, if you’re on a road you don’t know, and it’s fun to drive, you hit the button when you’re done. Not before/during a fun drive.

Hope this helps.


Thanks @dabozz88

@kjb085 just sync your camera and app and you’ll find the settings to modify the highlight length in the camera settings menu. See this FAQ topic for more info: https://support.waylens.com/faq/17/3628.


I’ve asked for a filter on the accelerometers before, but I never actually sat down and gave you guys some hard data as to why.

Below is a simple low pass filter implemented in excel, and you can see that it greatly cleans up the accelerometer data. The data was taken from this video

Just imagine how much cleaner the acceleration curves would look on a video like this one, where you can see an overall trend in the data, but it’s very noticeably noisy.

The excel formula used looked at if there was a telemetry update, then did a “3 average of 3”, so it looked at the last few timestamps where there was a telemetry update, and averaged them.

 x_filtered[k] = {(x[k]+x[k-1]+x[k-2])/3 + (x[k-1]+x[k-2]+x[k-3])/3 + (x[k-2]+x[k-3]+x[k-4])/3 }/3

note that k is a time sample where the telemetry was updated.

This should be a very simple option to put in, it will clean up a lot of your data making the graphs prettier, and the accelerometer gauge will not bounce around over every little bump.

Part of this noise I believe is coming from the fact that the mount is acting like a spring, and creating some vibrations over every bump.

@VincentSun, thoughts?


Yes please.


Hi, I would like to see the brake pedel percentage as well as the throttle percentage. I have a Corvette and on the road course videos it would be nice to see this. I don’t have boost on my car so that gage is wasted for me.


That’s in the main post at the top, but there’s a question on if it’s even possible. I think they’re using throttle valve opening as an analog for pedal position. I’m not well versed on what values (PIDs) are commonly available on a cars OBD network (CAN bus?), but I don’t think that one is commonly available.

Now I have seen some companies use an accelerometer to figure out when a motorcycle is braking for an independent rear brake light that gets stuck onto a helmet, but that’s not pedal position as it includes engine braking. Maybe you could do some fancy signal processing to get it out. I’d certainly want to try to split it out, as I have a background in signals and processing, but it’s not a simple task.

@forum I was thinking of splitting this into two post. A list “wiki” post where anyone can edit it, but it is only the main post. And then a discussions post about what we should have on it. Similar to how many Wikipedia articles have a talk tab. Thoughts?

Bouncing ball G-force gauge

I was hoping this was possible as this something that I really need and belongs on a true DATA LOGGER. The camera is great but we need some of these other features. Boost does me no good as I don’t have a turbo or a supercharger.


Thanks for the detailed suggestion. We actually have applied the algorithm of 3 points of average to one of our overlay style, which is for the lap timer videos. We will expand its coverage to all the other overlay styles.
Btw, the original raw data won’t be modified, the algorithm only optimized the data when being displayed.

Bouncing ball G-force gauge

Yeah, brake pedal percentage isn’t available in the set of standard OBD PIDs. I’m not even entirely sure where one might obtain that value either. Modern cars pass the throttle pedal’s position through the ECU in order to determine how much the throttle should actually be used; the brake pedal is physically connected to the braking system instead. Electronics might step in to activate ABS if slippage is detected but your pedal inputs don’t get validated before being applied.

Some high performance cars may have electronics to monitor braking performance which could be reviewed on specialized dataloggers, but that’s not going to be something available across the board. Watching the vertical axis of the accelerometer gauge is likely going to be the best we can get for determining braking force.


After using this camera for the last couple months I have a a couple things I would like to see implemented.

One slight annoyance is that some of the onscreen real-time gauges do not make it to the video. MAF, and coolant/oil temperatures mainly. When going back and reviewing footage having all recorded information could be beneficial.

The MAF sensor can tell you a lot about an engine, general rule of thumb, every lb/min through the MAF is around 10 hp the engine produces. So that buddy that claims to have 500 hp, if his MAF sees a max of 20lb/min you know hes way off, his hp is gonna be a lot closer to 200. Most cars aim to burn 1 lb of fuel for every 14.7 lb of air which goes up to 1lb fuel for every 13lb air at WOT.

Regarding the MAF onscreen real-time gauge, I would like to see atleast 3 digits, moving the decimal as needed. My car idles at around .8lb/min and cruises at 45 at around 2.5lb/min on level ground. There is a big difference in 1lb/min and 2lb/min, theres no reason that it cant be read out to the tenth, or hundredth place, especially if the PCM gives it. Once you go to more than 10lb/min going to only the tenth slot for font size is understandable.

To summarize I’d like for the MAF and coolant/oil temps to make it to the video, and for the MAF to be recorded to atleast the tenth of a lb.


@cmelton86 - thanks for the feedback!

Have you checked out our “export raw data” option in the Waylens Studio software?


I have not. I’ll have to check that out. Would I be able to overlay coolant temp and MAF data over video with that, or would that be just a “frame by frame” review?


The raw data export simply provides the metrics in a CSV spreadsheet. We will definitely consider your request to add to the future development list.


You could use the raw data export to generate coolant temp and MAF overlays using a third-party application (like RaceRender or DashWare) as a self-help option until Waylens own software supports those gauges.