Immersive or split screen instead of 360 panoramic


Is there a way to view the video(s) in the Studio in an immersive or split screen (like phone capabilities) as opposed to the 360 degree panoramic view??? And to export only a small portion afterwards from an otherwise long video???


Hi @hawkii72 - we do not currently offer desktop software for Secure360. Waylens Studio is designed for the Horizon camera system.

The only way to view Secure360 split screen and immersive view video is through the Secure360 mobile app.
Currently Waylens offers one option to export a split screen .mp4 file which can be viewed both on your mobile device or uploaded to your computer for larger screen viewing. In the future we will offer more export options that will be available through app updates.

To learn more about playback and export options please view the Secure360 App Tutorial:


I have a Richoh Theta 360 camera. When I take pictures with it and import them to my phone, they’re recognized as 360s and I can pan around within them or view them in VR.
I think you guys at Waylens can reinvent the way the image is processed by the camera or by the app, such that the videos could be exported as 360 videos just like the ones I record on my Ricoh Theta. I’m imagining a photosphere that’s simply missing the bottom half of the sphere (due to the lack of a bottom facing lens). Is this possible for the near future?
Here’s an example of what I mean, I took this with my Theta 360 using only one of it’s lenses, facing up. see the pictures here:


Hi @alteva8 - yes we are aware of this and it’s something that is in development! Stay tuned!