Mounting options for people with front windshield tinting



What are my mounting options if I have my windshield tinted? Can I mount it on my flat dashboard?


The Blendmount alternative may provide a more secure mounting location. I assume you’re concerned about a suction cup damaging the tint film, so this avoids it.


@kenyip @jlilnc14 is talking about the Secure360 not the Horizon.

Currently for Secure360, the only mounting option is on the windshield.


Oops! :sweat_smile:


Can waylens360 be mounted upside down?


Currently no. There is no way to flip the footage real time. You’d have to invert your (exported) videos using software. If you have android there are plenty of apps that can do a 180 degree flip but that would be tedious with the 30 second ish limit per video.


Thank you, and you are correct. We don’t support mounting the 360 upside down at this time.