My review of the Waylens 360...VERY DISSAPOINTED UPDATED


As a follow up to my original post about being very disappointed with the video quality of my original 360 I would like everyone to know that Waylens customer support reached out to me and offered to exchange my original unit with a new replacement unit which I accepted.

It seems like the replacement unit performed better in bright sunlight conditions but that brings me to another problem that it seems no one is addressing. Night time video recording.

As you can see from the attached video, night recording of moving video is an utter failure for video quality for me. I have come to the conclusion that the Waylens 360 is only for the interior and for a small area surrounding your vehicle. The original box advertises “Go for a drive, while driving the 360-degree lens captures everything”. The “new” box has removed this from the bullet points advertising.

I think the original concept of both a security camera and dash cam, as originally hyped in the Kick Starter program, has now changed to an interior security camera only.

The 360 has some neat tricks that it can do, but really when you get through all the fluff and buff all I wanted was a good crisp video recording of my drive time that the BlueSky had given me. Strip away all the bells and whistles and that is really all anybody who has used dash cams really wants…good crisp daytime and nighttime driving video.

Night Time Driving Video

Nighttime driving video 1

Follow up:

Yes I have enabled the Night Vision during driving and I get the same terrible quality of recorded video only in black and white instead of color. See attached videos.

Night Mode 1

Night Mode 2

Night Mode


@rahjer - I’m glad that the replacement camera seems to be working better for you and I wanted to address the night time recording mode. It seems that you don’t have night vision turned on in these videos. Have you tried to enable night vision? It does not enable automatically…


yes, my night vision is horrible also. Can’t see anything in the video recordings at night when it alerts me to impact at night while parked.


My cameras night vision is absolutely horrific. The whole reason I bought it was for night time footage.