My review of the Waylens 360…VERY DISSAPOINTED


My review of the Waylens 360…VERY DISSAPOINTED.
After receiving my 360 I was initially super excited about this new technology that I was going to install in my car.
Some background here, I recently retired after 45 years as a HVAC service fitter driving on an average of 40 to 50 thousand miles a year. That’s 1.8 to 2.25 million miles which has let me see a lot of accidents and other interesting things.
About 7 years ago I started using dash cams to document my driving record and have used many different brands with many different features. When I found the Kickstarter campaign for the Waylens 360 it perked my interest since I was looking to upgrade the last dash cam (BlueSky G1W) I had removed from my service truck.
The 360 has some neat tricks that it could do, but really when you get through all the fluff and buff all I wanted was a good crisp video recording of my drive time that the BlueSky had given me. Strip away all the bells and whistles and that is really all anybody who has used dash cams really wants.
Unfortunately, that is where the 360 fails and I mean fail miserably. It’s bad, just plain bad. The 360 degree fish eye lens makes anything past the rear end of the car so small and if you are at a stop light with a half of car length between you and the car in front of you, when you look at the video of that it looks like you are 50ft or more away. Even if the video was a true 1080 crisp shot it would be hard to make out the license plate because it would be so small. But since the video quality is so bad, there is no way to read it anyway.
Software??? What software? You can only export a 30 second clip, come on! Remove the SD card and put it into your computer to view the files…nope can’t do that either. All you see of the recording is a fisheye view of the bad quality video that has been recorded.
Am I really expecting too much from a $300 dash cam…I don’t think I am especially since my $50 BlueSky G1W can blow the 360 out of the water on video quality? Remember, that the original intent of any dash cam is to record good quality video and unfortunately the Waylens 360 fails at this.


I approved this post (I think all new users need to be approved).

Please upload a sample video so that we can review if there is an issue with the video quality, or if our camera just isn’t up to the specs you were expecting.

Also, you can upload more than 30s clips. Just click export and the software should bring you to a trim function.

I will try and find a faq that details this and edit it in.

Thanks, Rob.


If Secure360 were just a dashcam @rahjer might have a decent argument. Holes in his case though:

  1. Its called the Secure360 AUTO SECURITY CAMERA…not just a dashcam. Explore all of its features!!

  2. Can you connect remotely to your competitor dashcam vs Secure360 4G model coming out soon?

  3. Please post some pictures/video. If the clips are only 30 seconds long they should be easy to upload. I posted some pics and happy with quality. Maybe yours not hooked up correctly?


Before jumping on the Kickstarter 360 band wagon I looked at Waylens Horizon camera footage and expected the same if not better video quality from the 360 upon arrival. Unfortunately that was not the case from my camera when it arrived.
I think I am one of the many who is disappointed at the the video quality and have been bold enough to express my opinion of that quality.
After reading all your posts, I believe that you are focused on the “AUTO SECURITY CAMERA” portion of stationary objects and objects less than 10 to 15 feet from the lens. I on the other hand am focused on the inability of my 360 to provide me with clear and sharp video. Marketing of this camera early on and still today is all about both.
Maybe I received a defective unit and I have sent pictures to but have not heard back from them yet.


We have yet to reply, however there are comments on your email.

I have been dealing mostly with the electrical and some software issues, so I have not been the one to respond to you. We are working on it though. The support team is very small, and today is the start of my second week.

Please be patient.


Hi Rahjer!! Im not a Waylens tech so take everything Im saying as if we just met in line at the gas station and both happen to own a Secure360. Expect best answers to come from Waylens…not me or any other basic forum member.

This may sound silly but did you wipe your camera lens off with a micro fiber towel? If not, try it. Might help. And make sure your windshield is clean on both sides.

Looks to me like a little sun glare messed up your glamour shot too. I know I know it upsets me as well. :grin: The sun has been doing that to my best selfies going back to 80s polaroids!!

If you have an Android phone, go to “video enhancer” in the waylens album after exporting and turn it on. This may help. Just tap three little dots in the top right cirner dropping due the vid enhance aka pic enhance option powered by your phone…not the App.

Play with entire App too!! Every Inch-Twice!! This way you know your at “max power” as i like to say.

For the record, it does say “Auto Security Camera” on the front of the Secure360 box. See pic. So Im not being partial or anything to its auto security features. Most Secure360 features are auto security related, thus its name “SECURE360”.

Yes, I was sold on Secure360 being able to see detail at least 12-15ft in any direction, glad we agree here. I mentioned a video published on youtube recently of Secure360 Wifi also capturing a car accident between two cars in front of him over 50ft away at 45-55mph. Clear as day who’s fault it was and video quality was awesome!! You can’t make out the persons face 20ft away at the end of the video but you can sure read the establishment sign right above them with ease…every letter.

Also, did you wrap the direct wire cord around the fuse blade or did you or your installer use fuse taps? I used fuse taps on mine, maybe this is affecting your camera quality but I doubt it nor am I tech savvy…but I did install 360 myself and it works perfectly.

Again, I hope this helps. Wish you were as happy as me especially being a kickstarter. Waylens will take care of you. If Secure360 still not up to par then maybe use it for security only until it Is up to par.


Yup, agreed. Quality is horrible, installation is irresponsible at best (off voltage USB-c connector) and it’s ultimately a terrible product. I was really disappointed, especially after buying and being pleased with the quality of my Horizon camera (although the stock mount is a turd, and having to pay for the universal mount with it’s stupid ugly external GPS really chapped my hide. I don’t know why I backed this one.

They sent me a replacement, but given how the video actually works, I don’t expect improvement.


So we meet again @kitwetzler. Haha!!

As Wayne & Garth would proudly say “Game On!!”

Secure360 Quality as a product etc. is better than the rest. Period.

Secure360 Design looks better than the rest and its design is unlike all others cams. Period.

None of the competitors won a major SEMA award. Period.

Secure360 monitors your car for 2 weeks without turning on the car and auto uploads events (4G) to the cloud. No competitor cam does that–does it?? Im sure they wish they could and probably already working on same…if so too late.

I could go on and on…

Secure360 is not a “terrible” product. If that were true, trust me, I wouldn’t be here proving your opinions shared are undoubtedly one sided.

If you’re looking for perfection, maybe wish in one hand and “turd” in the other because perfection does not exist (especially with tech). Even if perfection did exist beyond the King of Kings there wouldn’t be any room for improvement on behalf of us little people (cough/wink).

Can you share one good feature about the Secure360? If not, you and I both know that’s not true. Dont worry. Dr. Phil is here to listen and Tank away your negative feelings.

Looking forward to us finding some common ground but if not–all is well and fair on the forum.

In the end Im just trying to help.

Its also really unfortunate your Secure360 experience was not as good as mine/others. Have more faith in the Waylens product and their customer service. I’ve personally enjoyed it myself. THANK YOU WAYLENS!!

Above all just remember you catch more bees with honey and more flys with chicken s***." :grin:


Everyone except you hates it. :(.

It is crap.


@kitwetzler Everyone but you loves it. Take a hike!! You’re a waste of time and shouldn’t be allowed to comment on the forum anymore…you’re sure getting away with a lot of BS.


There have been a lot of users posting complaints, and a lot of users posting how happy they are with it. Personal experience with a product is inherently subjective. It’s absolutely fine that some people love it and some people hate it; that doesn’t make either side wrong.

My experience thus far is that it’s a cool, unique product - but has plenty of room for improvement. And based on what I’ve seen with the Horizon, I believe that significant improvement will come with time courtesy of firmware and software upgrades.

Many people (reasonably) purchase a piece of tech and expect it to fit their needs out of the box without having to wait for fixes, and it’s completely understandable that they might be disappointed by the current state of the product. I hope that Waylens will do right by those customers to either correct the issues ASAP or issue refunds.

I don’t see any reason to antagonize each other.


I gave both users a time out until tomorrow. It was getting out of hand.


Hi Kitwetzler,
I’ll happily buy your 360 from you if you’ve given up on it. Send me a DM and we’ll work it out.


As far as I can tell the problem is in expectations. The Secure360 is a near-field device. It’s not meant to track what happens a hundred yards away. It provides a record of the car’s immediate surroundings.

That’s exactly what I wanted. I got interested in dash cams when my spouse came back to her car in the grocery parking lot and discovered someone had backed into the rear passenger door and quarter panel. $2500 in damage. Next time it happens I want to be able to send the video to my insurance company with the make, model, color and hopefully plate of whatever asshole hit and ran away.

I had a Thinkware F50 and it’s a great little camera, but it only captures in one direction. And sure, I could buy a front and back setup, if I wanted to run wires all through my car. I don’t. And I still wouldn’t have the sides covered. At some point mounting a lot of internal cameras just gets silly.

Enter the Secure 360:

Coverage behind the car isn’t great, due to the low mounting position I chose on the windshield. If I were to change anything about the 360 it would be to add magic to see through my rear seats and hatch :slight_smile:

I’m overall quite pleased with my Kickstarter backing result. Your mileage may vary.


Honestly i wish i never paid my $300 for this security camera/ dashcam. It was wast of money. i was not expecting that at all. the place that i install is 800 Mils away and its not worth my gas to go back and argue for money back. By the way i have truck and it cant capture the back of my track. so it only can capture 180.


Sorry to hear that you aren’t happy with the 360.

It is a known issue that the 360 is limited to line of sight, and it is something that is impossible to fix with the hardware we have out. The 360 records in cabin as well as the road ahead, but in certain cases we are aware that line of sight to the rear of the vehicle will be impossible to have.


Hi @Abrahem.kazimi. If you purchased through Waylens, you have a 30 day money back guarantee. If you were a Kickstarter/Indiegogo backer, unfortunately we do not accept returns for that campaign.

If you are concerned about capturing video from behind, have you thought about trying to mount the camera in the back window of your truck? We’ve seen users mount it in the back with great results. Check out this screen shot below:


@forum I was thinking 18-wheeler truck that might not have a back window. For a pickup that sounds like an interesting option.


@robert 18 wheelers need a specialized cam for sure. I’d want one if I was driving a big rig…and a backup camera.


I have seen his exact description in the video I have examined. You can’t make anything out and anything you really want to see is upside down. The portion of the video that is upside right is the rear view. Anything out the front is distant and you couldn’t tell the make of the car let alone the licence plate. If this video would be used as evidence, it would be worthless. How do I take the video obtained and unfisheye it. That’s what’s really necessary here