My review of the Waylens 360…VERY DISSAPOINTED


When I went looking for “best dash cam”, this product is what came up. So, I researched it and it looked great for the task. So far, now impressed. Little to no functionality and no software. So far send you to be a bomb in my opinion.


Because he had a negative experience and response? So, this is a positive response forum only?


@MNIcewolf - this is not just a positive response forum, this is a forum for anyone to share their opinion and we definitely value your opinion. If this was filled with only positive, we wouldn’t know how we could improve our products.

As far as what you said about “how do I take the video obtained and unfisheye it”, the Secure360 app dewarps the native 2k x 2k 360 “fisheye” video and creates a split screen or full screen view of the video. You can watch our Secure360 app tutorial to learn how to do it. Currently we are working on developing desktop software so you can also do this through a computer. As far as “little to no functionality” can you elaborate?


I want to add to what @forum stated, that the native 2k x2k “fisheye” video is the raw 360 camera data. This is what the lense sees and records. The Secure360 app then processes this data, and either makes a flat “front and rear view” in a split screen, or you can view the data in a “360 VR like experience”.

Please note I was using a test camera in these videos that was known to be out of focus.

@MNIcewolf I would very much like to see your opinion once you have tried our app.

I will also say I encourage negative responses, as they often lead to a dialog that can develop new features. Features have been added on the Horizon since its launch, and we hope to keep adding to the 360 products as well.


Turning off HDR speeds up the playback big time. The outside view is much clearer and legible imo. I’m dark skin so it doesn’t always catch what I’m doing in the car on anything but a bright day.

A dedicated app( or modified version of the existing program) would be great for video enhancement such as the ability to clear up a license plate.


I hate to say this, but I am very unhappy. I bought it through AMAZON and had it professionally installed. The camera went off 250 times a day and only would start recording at random times.
For example, after 2 p.m. it would record every second until it was in a dark garage.
I tried for about a month or two to get it sorted out. The customer service was alright, though it would be nice to talk live to a person. The email communication take everything 3 times longer.
So this is my story: The Camera drained my battery to my Cadillac in less than a month of it being installed. It cost me $200 to replace the battery and it cost me $170 to install 2 cameras. To uninstall it will cost $80. One person at Waylens indicated that they would be willing to return my money even thought I bought it from a 3rd party. So, with that gesture, I thought I would give it a chance and I ran a log after installing the new battery. Turns out that the camera is likely malfunctioning. Now, they will only send me a new camera. So, basically this $300 item will have cost me $450 above the purchase price.
I am not interested in replacement camera and I personally could not recommend this product. I have taken a pretty big financial hit on this product and company.


Hi @long.roof.lady - first off I am sorry that you’ve experienced issues with your Secure360 camera. We understand that you have two cameras, any only one of them are experiencing issues, correct?

From our contact history we determined that your vehicle’s battery was reporting voltage below 11v and could quite possibly have issues with the installation, but it is difficult to determine remotely even with the provided log files.

We have offered a replacement camera to see if that fixes your issues, but you have declined an exchange. As far as the refund, because you purchased through a third party (Amazon) all returns would need to go through that merchant. Have you attempted to contact Amazon support?


I hated how slow things felt on playback with HDR turned on. I turned that off which seems to lose a little sensitivity in less than bright conditions (in the car). The external view is much better(things look natural without an artifacts and stutters). Now it does seem license plate reading is hit and miss but that wouldn’t be the end all be all of an accident. Also there are situations that can happen outside of a car accident(ie: parking lot, someone else gets into an accident and your a bystander).
Video driving has also improved with HDR mode off. I’m seen on the interior and most things externally are seen in front of me. I will see the battery on your car will drain within a week if things are set to motion. Even garage kept it seems the cam would record more than it should. I have since changed it to “collision” which has increased the amount of time i can leave the car alone without driving/running it for a while to get the voltage up past 12+ voltage when the car is below high idle. Probably means i need a better alternator to keep up in such situations but eventually after a decent drive things go back to normal. Disclaimer I also installed a 200w rms sony radio which seems to suck up more juice than previously so i can’t blame it all on the cam.
I did notice that longer videos can be expanded to about 1m as oppose to 30 seconds. Has it always been this way, @forum @robert ?


I agree with most of the contributors here. The video quality is very poor. I have mailed customer support twice and have not received any response back.

And for those who say “This is not a dash cam, but a security cam”, this is what Waylens wrote on Kickstarter, “The first connected 360-degree dash camera that sees everything going on in and around your vehicle, all the time, even when parked”

I am willing to send this camera back for a full refund, but if they do not respond i will have to escalate the matter to my credit card company. My old 90$ dashcam had better video quality than this thing!


@anterpreet - we’ll work harder to reply to all customer service requests…we aren’t ignoring anyone on purpose. Thank you for reaching out and being honest with your experience, but we are sorry we couldn’t offer you the experience you’re looking for.

Can you please send an email to ATTENTION AARON so I will see it and get your refund started right away.