My work van setup


Custom removable mount for Secure360 4G


Interesting take on a “quick detach” panel. Good creativity Lazorith.


I too was not willing to stick the 3M pad on my car’s windshield, till I test this thing out a bit. I made this temp rig using a RAM Mount. It is made to hold a cell phone (their X Mount system), but turning the X Mount horizontally to make a flat “table” holds the 360 4G pretty well. As for device so far, I like it! Was stuck in the “updating firmware” loop like many others, but solved that via firmware update via SD card. Now getting ready to activate 4G service! If beta test goes well, I might just stick it to the windshield forever!!!



I’ll give a better pic of my little design in a moment.

My issue is mainly… I don’t want to permanently stick something onto my Work Van. It’s not mine. It’s owned by the company. But, I still wanted this in there. I broke some rules by wiring this to the fuse box… but… whatever.
I also wanted to ensure that if they decided to take my van away and upgrade me, or if they decided I was no longer an asset, I can just pick up and go.

As for my personal vehicle (I’m going to record my installation, likely this weekend!) I’m debating sticking to my windshield or not… mostly because my front windshield is tinted. I wonder how this weight will effect the tint? I have to do some research.

The only thing I don’t like about the custom mount I made is… The power cord is easily accessible. Which means if I decide to trust a mech shop with my vehicle, they may unplug it (I do all my own engine and electrical work. But, sometimes I just don’t have time and the issue is small {I’ll never, NEVER, let a mech shop have my vehicle for a large problem.} enough that I think even the dumbest mechanic can handle it, like… the Alignment… or rotating the tires… or topping off my fluids… lol) --Engine is 60,000 miles ago (currently turning over to 306,000 miles) I can guarantee you, no mech shop would have cleaned all that carbon and other deposits off like I did. One of the many many reasons I don’t let anyone touch my vehicles. Electrical or Mechanical.


I’ve got my Secure360 mounted on my tinted rear window, though I used a few narrow strips of 3M VHB instead of the giant adhesive that came on the mount. It’s been solid even through a hot Alabama summer and doesn’t appear to have done any harm to the tint… I’ll just have to be super-extra-careful if/when I remove it.


How do you like it in terms of having it in the rear, vrs in front?


I’ve got the Waylens Horizon in the front that I use for typical dashcam purposes, so I like having the 360 back there for better coverage of the rear and sides. I also think it offers a kind of interesting in-car perspective:


Fully understand.
Yeah, the only potential downside to having it in the rear is… if someone does break in, ya may not get their face. I agree with the perspective view



I too was not willing to stick the 3M pad on my car’s windshield

I’ve taken off the 3M base plate, and it comes off fairly clean. It wasn’t perfectly clean but it did come completely off.

(I used a second plate to change how I mounted it).

Now that I’m thinking about it, I should have taken a few photos of the process.


Better pic