Problem: OBD2 adapter messes up CAN bus?


It’s good to know the original OBD fw works for you.
The OBD fw is separated from the camera firmware. A complete update = camera fw + obd fw(optional, only present when we hope to refresh the obd fw)
So I think it should be feasible to use the old obd fw while having the latest camera features.
We need some time to work on that version, will keep you updated.


In my experiences with this same issue, I discovered that turning off the Horizon’s wifi AND the code reset feature seemed to cure the problem. I’m using the newest firmware.


Hey all. I have a 2016 Chevy SS sedan, I had a couple of panic attacks recently until i found this thread. I have gotten P0700 and U0100 codes on my car which is Transmission / TCM communication errors. It puts the car in limp mode and acts as if something is seriously wrong. The waylens detected it fine, i cleared it via the waylens and everything was driving back to normal… next morning, start it back up same errors. In panic I get ready to call my dealer when i found this thread. Cleared the codes, unplugged the OBD2 dongle and havent had the codes come back in a couple days. I just updated the camera to the latest firmware on 04/14/2018 and all seemed perfect. How do I update the OBD module or is this error just par for the course?


The OBD adapter will be automatically updated (if needed) when it connects to the camera. Note that not every camera firmware update brings an accompanying OBD update.


does it take a certain amount of time. I can leave it plugged in a while if it helps and try it again.


It’s been a while since I got an OBD update, but I think it happened pretty much as soon as the adapter connected following the camera update. Again, there may not be an OBD update needed for the camera update you recently installed.

If the DTCs are still showing up then you may want to reach out to (or @VincentSun here) to see if they can recommend any other steps.


Thank you. I have reached out to support.


I’m having similar issues. Really fucking pisses me off… to put it mildly. You still have not addressed this issue so which pin(s) can I cut off of the OBD module to make it STOP communicating with my car’s ECU? I want uni-directional communication TO the camera AND THAT’S IT. Is this possible? Are you waiting for someone to have a serious accident before it gets fixed? Can we talk about a refund? $600 for my instrument panel to randomly light up like a Christmas tree?


Hey @ricyjo,

While we wait for @VincentSun to chime in, what car do you have? And what troubleshooting steps have you tried?

The simplest step might be to just disable the DTC feature in the settings menu (System > Disable DTC, IIRC).

If that doesn’t help you could also try changing the OBD firmware:

Failing that, reach out to to explore other options.


Hello Sir,
Actually the OBDII dongle does only read from the ECU and does not write anything. However, even for reading, it has to send a read command to the ECU at an interval before it is able to receive any data. So I am afraid it is not a pin connection issue.
I think you may try switching to another iOBD2 version as @codesplice suggested and keep me updated please.
Thank you!


It seems like I have a very simiar issue around getting U0155 codes and time to time it triggers check engine sign to pop up as well. It seems everything goes back to peace once I take out device connects to OBD2 port. This started right after the latest firmware update. Do you know ETA on the fix?
FYI - I have 2014 Scion FRS.


I’ve seen that on my 2014 BRZ once or twice, but figured out that it primarily happened if I started the car while the camera was already powered on and connected to the OBD adapter. I also ran into that same issue using third-party apps like Torque or Track Addict with other OBD adapters. Seems like the twin’s electronics get upset if someone is already talking on OBD when the car starts up.

I’ve since made sure that the camera is off before starting the car and haven’t encountered the problem again.

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