Replacement Camera will not connect



My replacement camera I received back in July will not connect to my remote-control or to the OBDII. I have tried everything, this is disappointing as the camera I turned in worked perfectly.


Hi @roger_howell - have you deleted the old OBD-II & Remote control profiles from the Bluetooth Settings page and rescanned for both devices? You said you tried everything, so I am assuming you tried this?

As far as the OBD-II transmitter, you may want to roll back to the OBD-II firmware by navigating to the Horizon debug menu and select iOBD2 settings. There are 2x additional firmware OBD-II options, so please select a different FW, then reboot the camera and try connecting to the OBD-II transmitter again.

In regards to the remote control, have you tried another battery in the remote? It could be drained…

Here’s how to change the battery:


I have tried this. I have also replaced the battery twice on the remote control. I will try it again.