Secure360 Camera Installation at Best Buy


Waylens Community,

We recommend the Secure360’s direct wire connection to be installed by a professional. If you have any questions about installation or uncertainty about your vehicle’s electrical system, please make sure to consult a professional.

Best Buy offers Digital Dashcam Installation for a low price of $49.99 which includes a lifetime warranty, so if something happens to the connection or if you think it is not installed correctly, you can bring it back in at no additional cost.

Purchase & schedule Best Buy Digital Dashcam Installation.

In the Austin, TX market our friends at The Dashcam Store can also help with your Secure360 installation.

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Do we need to show them the installation video and let them know that the installation needs to be done at the bottom of the windsheild?


The professional installer should know how to install our product, but if they have any questions they can reference the installation guide that came with the camera in the box. They can watch the video if they feel it is necessary, but this is a very routine installation for any professional who installs dash cams.


I just had my Secure 360 installed at Best Buy in St Petersburg, FL yesterday. The installer hadn’t ever heard of Waylens Secure 360 and at first she tried to install it beneath the rearview mirror with the camera lens facing the front of the car. Needless to say, I cannot get it to connect to the app and can’t even tell if it’s working properly. I think she wired it wrong. I can only get the white lights on the base to come on for a few seconds when I first turn the car on or off. And I can only get the red light to come on immediately after I turn the car off if I hold down the Waylens button, but it turns off before I can finish the setup in the app. I think I’m going to have to take it back in because something is not right


Not having heard of it makes sense. But if you gave her the instructions, and she actually followed them, you should be fine. Since you said she was trying to install the camera below the rearview, I’m thinking she didn’t read them at all.

If you have a voltmeter, I can walk you through following the wires back and testing if the installation was done properly.

If not, I would go back to Best buy, talk to a manager, and not leave until you’re satisfied that the wires are as correct as they can be. You want to see them hook up a meter, and see voltage on one wire, and switched voltage (0 volts when the car is off, normal voltage when the car is on) on another, and no voltage on the third. This is all compared to the car body bare metal (which is a ground). I forget what the normal voltage should be. I think it’s 12 volts. Someone will correct me.

But to be honest, defective cameras have come out, so that may be an issue as well.


I don’t think she followed the directions at all. She asked me about the placement of the dash cam before she did it, but she had already run the wiring up to the rearview mirror. I then had to show her the correct placement in the instruction booklet. To be fair, they did reschedule me for tomorrow and were very polite about fixing the problem, so I’ll give them another chance. Hopefully it is a simple wiring fix and not a defective camera.
I did pop the micro SD card into my laptop today and I can’t find any data on it, so it must not have been recording yesterday.


I had my camera professionally installed back in June with one installer. Since the firmware update, the camera does not power on. Yesterday I took the car to BestBuy (second installer) and had them check for loose wires. They confirmed that there are no problems with loose wiring. They suggested I return the camera to the company as its no longer functional.


Hello, please send an email to so we can help troubleshoot it.