Secure360 - Feature Request Thread


Hey guys, original poster of this thread, and I feel that with a new product, a new feature request thread is necessary.

Please edit this post directly for your feature request.

The format for this list is:

  • Feature Request Area
    • Details on the request

  • 360 Camera Request
    • Notifications: Event Recorded in Parked Mode IMPLEMENTED
    • Automatic Highlight Deletion (if an auto generated file is old enough and the camera needs more space, delete it, never delete user saved files)
    • Option to set video loop size (10 minutes, 15, 30)
    • Motion Detection Sensitivity Adjustment (IMPLEMENTED)
    • Raw Data Export
    • WiFi password customization
    • Have the physical button be able to mark clips
    • Location-based settings for Night Mode and Sensing/Monitoring in Parking Mode (motion/impact/collision/etc) – see cm1’s post
  • 4g model only Request
    • N/A
  • App Request
    • Video clip editing features IMPLEMENTED
    • Export video sharing options to control quality and compression of mp4
    • Option to export various angles to exclude the driver, entire cockpits, or user defined angles. (FULL SCREEN EXPORT OPTION IMPLEMENTED)
    • Manual timezone/time & date settings
    • Timestamp overlay (IMPLEMENTED IN EXPORT OPTIONS)
    • GPS Map/Coordinates, MPH, Ambient Temp
    • Make MPH overlay optional as to not incriminate the driver
    • Record enable/disable on preview screen - useful for 4G remote access (IN DEVELOPMENT - IMPLEMENTED)
    • View Mode Export Options - Full Screen Immersive View, VR View Mode
    • Mute Audio on Export Option
    • Ability to adjust angle viewed on the main screen (the split view above the timeline)
    • Make Secure360 Album more visible in cam selection screen
    • Text labels for event type in timeline
    • Quick switch option in app to disable sound recording IMPLEMENTED IN AUDIO SETTINGS
    • Android Auto support
    • Select multiple clips to delete/export
  • Other Software Request
    • Desktop Software
  • Accessory Request
    • Battery Pack/USB cable option
    • USB cable with 90-degree right-angle connector at the USB-C end.
    • Additional direct wire and mount plate accessory sold separately IMPLEMENTED
    • Desktop USB Type C cable available as accessory
    • Horizon like track module (OBD dongle and software support including overlays)

In development or implemented features:

  • App Request
    • iPad Support IMPLEMENTED

Requested features that are not possible or will not be worked on.

  • 360 Camera Request
    • Option to have WiFi available in parked mode
    • Support exFat format on microSD cards

Converting 360 wifi video
Flashing Red and White, also Wifi Issues
Feature request - Data stamp on video export (time/date/position/speed)

Horizon gps track module like accessory to have similar overlays but the added bonus of a VR 360 experience.

Support exFat format on microSD cards

Quick switch option in app to disable sound recording

Android Auto support to make changes or view the camera through that app via phone connected to Android Auto capable car stereo

Android Assistant voice commands, examples: hey Google disable(or enable) secure 360 microphone. Hey Google turn off(or on) monitoring. Hey Google show me my secure 360 live feed.


I’ve added some things to the post above and I would like to point them out in my own post to add activity to this blog. The following features are important to me:

  • 270 degree video export.
  • Optional speed/gps overlay.
  • Loop size adjustment

One of the big problems with dashcams that have GPS is that the data could be used against you shall you get into an accident. I’ve stayed away from dashcams that have your speed embedded in the video and I would like the option to keep my speed out of the picture (pun intended) on the Secure 360 too.
Similarly, with the invention of 360 technology, your dashcam can now show that you were rubber-necking when you hit that guys bumper or perhaps you glanced at your phone at that exact moment that someone blew the light in front of you. You cant show the cops or your insurance a video that proves another driver is at fault if it also shows you could have been more careful yourself.
I therefore see it as being very important that we all have the option to export 270 degrees of video including the sides of the car and the front but leaving out the driver.

I’d also like to mention that it is difficult to go through half an hour of video in the app in order to find a specific moment in time. It is also extremely inefficient to keep an hour long video in memory because you hit a bad pothole and the camera decided to keep the video.
The solution I propose is to offer us users different loop duration including 5,10 & 15 minute video loops so it will be easier to find what you’re looking for and so the space on the memory card doesn’t get gobbled up by events, whether true positives or false.

@forum Your comment would be appreciated

Thank you to the @Waylens team for bringing great technology to the people!


Speed being embedded into the video is something that some people say are what allows it to be used as evidence. At least I remember reading that. I’m no lawyer.

I’d like the option to embed it, exactly like how they have it set up on the horizon. The user chooses if it’s there or not.

I do like the idea though of partial angle processing. It’d be worth testing in my opinion, but I’m worried that it might be difficult to set up for the basic user.


Here are the one’s I’d like to see:

Date/time stamp overlay w/optional GPS coordinates w/speed overlay (up to the user).
Option to export front view only.
Option to export directly to YouTube, Facebook etc.
Computer software to view videos directly from memory card. Currently when I try that using the default video player, its a globe view.
Option to set loop limits, ie. 5/10/20 minute clips.
Auto night mode based on GPS location and date/time so I don’t have to continually update the times in the app.

  • 360 Camera Request

    • Have the physical “Waylens Button” be able to mark clips
  • App Request

    • iPad support for landscape orientation both ways
    • Speed overlay option
    • Date/Time overlay option
    • Map overlay option
    • Video loop duration options
  • Other Software Request

    • Desktop Software


I would like to request an orientation flip option so I can mount it in the middle of the car on the ceiling. That way if someone vandalized my car I can see if they did something to a lower part of the car and all around the car.

Also I like to always keep my dash cams on low power mode or just motion sensor mode even when I’m driving.

I use a cigarette lighter extra dash cam battery that gives an extra 12-24 hours to my car battery life. I would like to be able to just usb plug into that. So I would need an option for low power mode in settings because it always throws power.


Orientation flip probably isn’t possible with the way the hardware is set up right now. You’d need a special bracket because at most this camera seems to be able to mount at 90 degrees.

Motion sensing while driving would activate a lot, but that one is software doable.

I’m working on getting better details for the direct wire, so a simple dual USB cable can be made for proper use. Maybe I should request that.


I would like to double down on the less than 360 video exports (like @alteva8 suggested).

I was recently rear ended, and while it was very clearly not my fault, just before I was rear ended I was pulling off a shirt and it was over my head. Sending this video in would put me in question. This camera is here to support me and my claims of what happened, and I can choose to not self incriminate.

I also want to highly suggest the option for a desktop support. I wish I could have just taken the SD card out of the camera and deal with all of this on my laptop while on my couch and not sitting on my phone in my car.

@forum @VincentSun


Added an item for “USB cable with 90-degree right-angle connector at the USB-C end”. Since the Secure 360 should be placed at the very bottom of the windshield, I don’t get why the USB-C socket is at the “front” of the device preventing it from being mounted low. Could use a 90-degree USB-C connector instead.



While I cannot confirm that our hardware team is working on anything (because I honestly don’t know, I’m a remote employee haha). I can say that they have been very receptive to the idea of new hardware request from customers. Just look at the polarizing filter thread for the Horizon.

I like the idea, and we may be able to qualify a low profile USB-C angle connector that can be a recommended accessory. Until then please be patient.


Another suggestion: Location-based settings for Night Mode and Sensing/Monitoring in Parking Mode (motion/impact/collision/etc).

At home I park in a fairly safe gated underground garage that is well lit and have cars (my neighbors) driving in and out all the time, and that’s why don’t need to use Night Mode, and I can’t set Parking Mode to motion monitoring (otherwise I’d end up with 100+ recordings a night). But when I got out at night and park at shopping malls or restaurants, I do want to use Night Mode and want motion detection in parking mode. It’d be great if there could be a “Home” set of settings based on a GPS geo-fenced area and a “not Home” set.


I like the geo fences idea.


Oh yeah, that’s a great idea!


As near as I can tell, the only thing stopping it from going past the 90° mark is some ‘shark fins’ molded into the hinge that physically prevents it. I’m guessing that there’s a flex cable going around the hinge to connect those contact points to electronics in the base. It’s possible that the flex cable doesn’t have the additional length to go past 90°, and the shark fin ‘stops’ are there to prevent it. Then again, the cable may be long enough, or wrap around the other side of the hinge, in which case it should be able to rotate another 20-30° without harm, if those shark fins were absent.

I would also like to mount it at the top of my windshield, or preferably a little bit further back to get it out of direct sunlight (e.g. where the sunglasses storage is on my overhead console). I know my Horizons seem much happier a few inches further back from the windshield, so they’re not being cooked day-in, day-out by direct sunlight (yes, I’m using them as dashcams). I’m also concerned about lens flare with that big, beautiful lens pointing at the sky. It also helps conceal them a little better, since they’re in shadow, not on full display.

I’ve only just received my 360 4G, and am contemplating putting 3M Dual Lock on the back of the horizontal portion of the bracket, and seeing how practical it is to mate it to another strip on the overhead console (or maybe on the sunvisor to start with).

I’m sure I’m invalidating several of the Waylens engineer’s assumptions by doing that, but it’s just way more practical to me than gluing it to the bottom of my windshield. Especially when I’m regularly putting a sun shade in the window. Yes, I know a full sunshade will block visibility forward while in parking mode. I’m still mulling on that one. The California sun rapidly heats the car interior if you do nothing. Even a sunshade laid flat on the dash helps, since otherwise the dash (and steering wheel, shifter, etc) get uncomfortably hot quickly, and re-radiate that heat into the rest of the car interior.


Can we get a tablet view or a better landscape support.


Just adding my voice to the chorus because others have also mentioned it. I would really prefer the ability to take video straight from the card and import it to my computer that way, and I also want a way to either get separate files for the two views or to be able to convert it to two views like it shows on the app. The combined view is useless to me.