[Suggestion] Export GPS Data (as .kml)


I have a suggestion for a little addition which would increase the use auf Waylens Studio for the enthusiast.

My other data logging system M Performance Drive Analyser can export GPS data for example as .kml file format.

This files can be imported directly for example in Google Earth Pro to create spectacular street overviews for our trips like in this video:

(watch from 0:20)

@Vincent If you need information about the file format like an example file let me know


Hi Mark,
That looks cool. Please send us the sample kml file or its definitions if available.
We will try to find some time to add this format.
Thank you.


I love this idea. Being able to export the 10Hz GPS for analysis in other programs would be fantastic.


Hi Vincent,

I sent you an email including a .kml export file and a .csv export file of the same drive.


Yes, email received. Thank you!


This would be definitely give the enthusiast a lot of new types of usage!


I’ve seen videos on YouTube and the Waylens app that have gps data in the video. When looking at my phone running the app live I have it. Get home look at it on the computer don’t have it.

Is this normal or am I missing a setting somewhere?


It usually takes some time to fetch the gps data from the map verdor’s website. I believe it will display the gps location correctly after being played for a while.


I assume i would have to have an internet connection on my laptop for this feature? I don’t have one, it’s not a dealbreaker still an excellent product just wanted to make sure i didn’t have a setting set incorrectly.


Yes, to view the map gauge rendered correctly, you have to have an internet connection at that time. Because we only store all the gps location points in the meta data of video clips.