Using the lap timer at a track day event



I finally got to use the Waylens and the lap-timer feature at two back-to-back Track Night in America events. The video footage looks great (minus my swiveling mount issues), but the lap timer data overlays have some issues. In one session the GPS conked-out (and eventually the video too), which I believe was due to a tenuous connection to the mount. On my camera, at least, I have to push the camera quite firmly onto the mount to make sure both sides of the connection click in.

I double-checked the connection the second night and didn’t have these problems and was able to capture all of the footage. However I found that all of the videos had some kind of issue with the lap timer data. Most sessions had 6-10 full laps around the course, but at most only three laps were recognized by the lap timer. Oddly, you can still hear the chime when I cross the start/finish line on subsequent laps, even though the times aren’t reflected in the final composited video.

Another odd behavior was in my last session when it was recorded as one single 21-minute lap despite ten trips around the track. Too bad, this had my best laps! I’m pretty sure I went through the same flow each time to setup the lap timer prior to leaving the grid.

I’m not quite sure what the issue is, but I’m passing this along to the Waylens folks to let them know the Lap Timer feature is really cool, but I had some stability issues. I still have all of the original files on the SD cards so I’m happy to share whatever data is needed to help with debugging. This is not intended as a whine-fest, but as honest feedback and an opportunity to improve the product.



I also had issues with the lap timer feature trying to use it at Autocross this past weekend.

I went out to an empty parking lot beforehand just to test out all the various options and interactions to make sure I knew what I was doing. What I found during that was that the point-to-point lap timer is basically useless… the track it drew was way off from what I drove, and the dot moving along the track was not anywhere near in sync with the video and finished well before the timer finished.

Manual mode circular track worked well for 3 laps. I tried manual mode circular track with a route that had me starting in one spot and finishing near the same spot but to the side and in the opposite direction (this is the way most of the Autocross I do works) and that worked well in tests, but only if I let the GPS decide when I crossed the line rather than pushing the button to stop it. If I pushed the button I had the same problem with the track outline that I did with point-to-point.

At the event I decided to use circular mode and not push the button. I knew the time would be way off but what I really wanted was the outline of the track. This seemed to work on my first run but when I looked at the highlight which was clearly labeled “Lap”, it had no track outline or times. On my second run I got an error part way through about GPS Low Accuracy. After that I gave up.

The lap timer is definitely a cool feature, and I am very much looking forward to it whenever I can get out on a real track that is in the database… but manual mode for something like Autocross just doesn’t seem to be ready for prime time yet.


Thanks for your genuine feedback @alex.vollmer! We definitely want to get to the bottom of this issue and we’ll inspect the footage/data to figure out what went wrong.

In the Waylens Studio software, you can go directly to the “help menu” and select “Feedback”. When sending a message through studio, it allows the engineers to receive your system information to help track down the root of the problem. From there engineers may want you to upload your raw .ts files or rendered mp4 to diagnose further. It also helps to export and send the “raw data” .csv file. With the raw data we can track when GPS signal dropped and if OBD-II connection was stable. We’re committed to figuring out the issues and fixing with a firmware update if needed.


Thanks for the quick response. Will do!


No problem! There’s so many variables involved with diagnosing what could have gone wrong…from GPS signal, to mount connectivity and OBD-II sync. Sometimes its also app based. I’ve had the issue myself with the app not recognizing a LAP clip, and then I updated my software/firmware and it recognized. Are you all up to date on the app/software/firmware?


Hi Alex and Jomotopia,
Thank you for the feedback. Which software were you watching your lap timer videos, Waylens Studio or mobile apps?
Your testing and data are definitely useful for us to optimize our Lap timer feature. I wonder could you pack all the raw data, it should be in the folder of 100Trans on your sd card. Delete all the other irrelevant highlights and footages on your sd cards through Waylens Studio or mobile apps, zip “100TRANS” and upload it to dropbox(the file is probably very huge) or somewhere I have access to, message the download link to me, and I will try to fix the problem.
Please don’t delete those videos and I believe there should be some way to get them right.
Thank you.


The camera is running firmware 1.7.05 and I’ve been using 1.3.5 of the Mac desktop app.

I’ll zip those files up per @VincentSun’s suggestion and get in touch.



I’m doing my next track day next month. I’ll start recording at Sonoma Raceway before I get on the track. Will I have any problems? I’d hate to have to activate lap timing and start recording when I’m already driving.


Yes we have this track in the database. I suppose you have synced the track data from your mobile app to your camera.
please make sure you’ve entered the lap timer mode before you start recording on the track.


Thanks Vincent. I’ll turn on the camera, enter lap timer mode, and start recording when I head out for each session.

To sync the track data, do I need to do anything special? I’ve connected my phone to the camera, but didn’t see any sync options.


Usually you don’t have to do anything to trigger the sync. It’s an automatic process running in the background when your app is open and stay in the foreground.
If you hope to double confirm, you can enter the mobile app – My Waylens – Your Camera – Sync Track Data to force a manual sync.


I sent an email to support, and I’m having the same issue described above, but for Portland International Raceway. It doesn’t seem to detect the start and finish of the lap correctly. I manually selected the track at the beginning of each session, and it counted the entire session as a single lap.

Here is a link to Raw + CSV + Example Exports :

It’d be super rad if I could just re-export somehow to get the laps to show correctly :crossed_fingers:



The log shows that the lap timer video is recorded in the SPLIT mode, in which the whole video will be treated as one single lap. I think you may have to choose the “circle” icon on the screen to make sure it is treated as a repeated laps video.

D/2018-08-11 17:19:45: fcc 1397771348 (wsrenderer.cpp:1534, void WSRenderer::getOverlayGadgetByTime(QImage&, WS_RENDER_STYLE, QString, ClipInfo&, quint32))


Thanks for the response Vincent, that would explain it, I was 900% sure I clicked that circle, but the computer doesn’t lie. - UGH - I assume there is no way for me to retroactively fix?

It might be nice if enough raw data was present if the Desktop/Mobile app could adjust the LAP parameters before encoding the video.


I agree It will be nice to be able to adjust the start/end points of the lap timer videos in Waylens Studio. We’ll see if there is a quick solution to support it in the future.


You can do that, In Waylens Studio create a new highlight from the buffered video of the track session. Then go to hightlights tab and select the session, export it to VBO format. Download and install Circuit Tools which can read VBO file format. There you will see your session data and you can manually choose a starting point and it will calculate the lap times for you and let you analyze your track day data.
I use it after each track day I’m going to. The downside you dont have the cool overlay and video of the laps, but you will be able to see your times and analyze your driving.

Sorry for that late response probably not relevant anymore


@VincentSun , would you be able to label those settings in the Horizon lap timer menu so that it is clear on which mode is being selected?


Thanks for this, this actually helped stear me down path where I can better see the data.