Waylens 360 (Wifi) query


Ok so I recently got the 360 wifi version and go it all connected. I have wifi in my car to technically the 360 should always be connected to my car’s wifi hotspot but it doesn’t seem like that’s the case. Am i doing something wrong? I was expecting, since the cam should always be connected to my hotspot, I should have been able to remotely see whats going on or even get alerts. So whats the deal here!!!

If I cannot even see the cam live remotely then what is the point really !!!


The wifi version of the camera, to my knowledge can only act as a wifi hotspot. I do not think it can connect to your car’s wifi hotspot.

@forum can double check that one for me.


Right, there’s currently no way to connect the WiFi 360 to an existing WiFi network; it will only function on its own hotspot. Maybe that could be implemented with a future firmware release?


That would be very cool but might cannibalize 4G sales.


not every car has a hotspot built in, and most people don’t have one of those 4g mobile hotspot devices. I don’t think it would cannibalize a large number of sales.


That’s right, it does NOT connect to a wifi hotspot and I can only connect to the camera’s wifi hotspot via my phone and view the live feed.


That would be nice otherwise I don’t consider this camera that useful like the way it is.


I agree, I also don’t think it will hit the 4G sales. The whole purpose of such an expensive dashcam is security but if you cannot even get notifications then whats the point.


The WiFi model is not designed for remote viewing through a third party hotspot or router. The internal power management system and detection sensors do not allow it to talk to third party devices when in “parked” mode, does that make sense? That’s the major difference between the models. The built in 4G module will allow the camera to “wake up” for remote viewing.

@tahir.rehman, the WiFi model is designed like a dashcam with parked features and is priced lower than the 4G model which requires a 4G data plan. Some users don’t want to pay for a data plan, so therefore we have a model designed for them.


I wanted the 4G personally but with the uncertainty (at the time of kickstarter launch) of the FCC/Network provider certification, I just wasn’t sure. My main fear is someone breaking in and taking the SD card if they are serious. At least with the 4G the video is sent to a secure server. Maybe down the road I’ll find a used one but I’m looking forward to testing it. Of all my Kickstarter “purchases”, this is the most intriguing one.


…and I understand that but the wifi version should at least have some type of notification alert since this is still a dashcam / security monitor otherwise its just a fancy dashcam. Not able to upload-to-cloud and live feed, I understand that these features cannot be part of the wifi version but there should at least be some type of notification alert, especially since the camera is already recording based on any motion while parked.


yeah 4G is great but the price and then the monthly fee, that I didn’t want.


@tahir.rehman, there are alerts when you manually connect to the camera and the Secure360 app. There is also an audio prompt when you enter the car and turn on the vehicle, just not remote alerts.

What you are asking for is the WiFi model to be constantly powered on and connected to a third party WiFi network so you can receive alerts like a 4G model. It’s very complicated when it comes to connecting to third party WiFi routers/networks and a device with a low power management system. We wouldn’t be able to achieve 2 weeks of non-stop event detection if the camera had to always be powered on with a WiFi connection. Not to mention external WiFi networks are unreliable…they connect and disconnect based on the signal strength. With a built in 4G module the camera is able to control this data connection, where the camera wouldn’t be able to control an external WiFi connection.


Thanks for the semi-technical perspective on the conscious design decisions. :beer:


You are right, these alerts are there but these only fire when you connect your app to the camera which is not that useful because I am the owner of my camera so I don’t really need to know (although its nice) when I am connected to my camera.

The camera already records a video clip when there is some motion detected around my car and its doing that in low-power-mode, so it would be amazing if the camera also fires some sort of an alert (if the camera is connected to WIFI) so that the owner at least knows that someone is wandering around my car.

If the camera just functions as a normal dashcam then its just a dashcam and not a “Secure360” cam, right!


@tahir.rehman most standard dash cams don’t offer parked mode, although it is gaining popularity. Additionally those that do have parked mode do not offer 360 viewing and continuous event detection for up to 360 hours like the Secure360. So it’s a security camera, with dashcam features…

I get your point about not receiving notifications, but that is what the 4G model was designed for. Can you name any other automotive camera that offers alerts through a third party WiFi connection?


Probably none but I was hoping Secure360 would be the first. However there are some that already do send alerts over LTE/3G/4G, for example “https://owlcam.com/”.

https://www.navman.com.au/navman-unveils-new-premium-dash-cams-with-wifi-for-instant-back-up-and-sharing-of-footage.html” is another that also has similiar features over wifi.

The 360 deg video recording that Secure360 is doing is impressive. I already have a decent dashcam installed in my car but i was hoping Secure360 would be able to do the monitoring/alerts as well apart from the 360 deg video recordings.

Apart from these two dashcams I also have an old android phone permanently connected to my car with only WIFI enabled. I have xfinity internet and they have these random wifi hotspots all over and so whenever my phone connects to one of these hotspots it automatically (via IFTTT) sends an email to me with the GPS coordinates. So although i don’t currently know of any dashcam that sends out alerts over WIFI but I kindda already am doing something similiar with my phone but of course my phone is not sending me any videos.


Yes, we are aware of cameras like the OwlCam and Raven with 4G service. I hope that our development allows us to continue to improve and provide new features to existing WiFi units. If you are familiar with our Horizon camera, we offer firmware updates that unlock new features.

We want you to know that we of course listen to user feedback very carefully and many on this forum can vouch that we’ve implemented some of their requests into new firmware versions. Anyway, I’m sorry that our WiFi model doesn’t work ideally for you, but maybe down the road it will…or maybe we can change your mind with a 4G model.


Thank you…I probably will not switch over to the 4G version but it would be great if the WIFI model has an alert feature in the future but even if it doesn’t still its a cool 360 dashcam


I have the owl and doesn’t work when it gets hot here in Las Vegas. I was part of your campaign and hope to put them side by side