Waylens 360 (Wifi) query


Hi there , I just had my 360 WiFi installed after I updated the firmware I could log into the cam and watch for about only 10minutes . After then I haven’t been able to login again, I searched continuously for the WiFi from my phone it never found the waylens wifi , now what I don’t know is if the camera is still recording however I see the lights come on each time I enter my car, if the camera is still recording why can’t I find the WiFi to connect to and veiw events? could someone please help?


For me, my car(99’ Acura TL) must be in the “on” position for the cam’s wifi to be visible. It stays visible for several minutes afterward then the cam goes into it’s park mode it seems. Sitting in the car with the cam recording me( intruder! lol) the wifi is still not visible until i put the car back in the on position.
This makes me want to upgrade to the 4G version in the future because if your in an apartment(or anywhere you can’t be near the car for an extended amount of time) access to footage becomes an issue.