Waylens 360 will not connect to WiFi



I have had a problem connecting to the WiFi with Waylens 360. It will not link to my phone. It keeps saying invalid password. I contacted Support and received an email back from Robert Borzellieri asking for a picture of the camera. I sent it to him along with the reason I think what the problem is. The SSD number on the camera does notmatch the SSD on the WiFi that I am trying to link to. I have sent all of the info to Robert and have not herd anything back, It has been several days. I really wanted this camera to work. If it worked the way it was suppose to I was going to get 3 more of the for my wife’s and kids cars but now I think I cam going to send it back. You cant even call them. Their number is unlisted but I was able to locate it and call but no one answered.


@chris_arnold86, I’ve seen your email and there has been some headway into looking into this internally. We obviously don’t want to post passwords on the forums, so you will be getting an email with instructions shortly.


Same problem for me. Although I can load the WiFi (no thanks to the instructions which should tell you the security setting to use) on my phone, the camera will not connect.