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Hey Waylens Community!

We’ve received some mixed reviews on our Amazon product page. We found some of our customers that wrote negative reviews never even reached out to our support team to potentially solve their issues. We definitely do our best to resolve any customer issues, so please reach out to us first before you post negative comments. The team has a put a lot of time into creating this product and we’re determined to continue to make improvements as we grow. If you’ve had a great experience, we’d love your honest review. Thanks everyone!

Amazon - Waylens Horizon product page: http://a.co/5uQWZJV


I haven’t posted a negative review but at this point I am very close to. I was one of the original investors and am truly disappointed in this camera.

  • Even though it easily connects to the USB 5 pin connector it is nearly impossible to get it to connect to the windshield mount. Even when I have the two in my hand. Your response was that I hold the two in my hand and connect them. Problem is that you only provide a mount with a glue attatchment that I can’t take off and try to reattach each time.

  • The rotating ball does not cinch down enough to keep the camera still so it move to a useless angle while on track.

  • Last time on track I could only get a connection with the OBD once. I tuned off all bluetooth and tried to connect as you had suggested last time.

  • The sound is terrible. I get pop’s and all sorts of other sounds rather than hearing the car. Your response was that it could be a poor connection between the camera and the mount. In response please see above that getting the two to mate is impossible. You also asked me to send you a file but when I asked what type of file I should send you never replied.

  • There is no mic connection. So, I am stuck with the camera’s sound. But we all know that with GoPro that never gave good sound. That’s why they added a mic connection.

After conversing with the support team 3 times without any useful solutions and having some issues never even answered I am stuck with a $400 camera that is useless. I have a GoPro Sessions, GoPro 4 Silver and a GoPro 2. All of those work fine. I feel that you need to rework this offering and offer to swap out these first gen units that were a part of the Kickstarter.


Hi @JohnCalvert. I just spent some time reading through your customer service email thread. I am not the one who typically responds to custom support inquiries, but I’m glad to help you through all of your concerns.

As far as connecting the mount, the connection pins may be damaged if it is very difficult for you to connect the mount. I use my camera every day and connect the camera to the mount very easily only using one hand.

The “lock ring” of the original mount (kickstarter) design does not have a stopping point, it does continually spin. You should be able to feel when it is in the locked position at a quarter turn, another quarter turn unlocks and so on…

Regarding the audio…in our latest firmware update we’ve added manual audio gain control. This allows you to adjust the audio gain in 10% increments to help from the audio distorting if you are having issues with auto gain. Give that a try and see if it helps. There is not an external microphone connection. We never marketed the system to have an external connection but it is on our feature requests list.

I will follow up with your other concerns from our support email side and I hope we can resolve any problems you may have.

Thanks John!

Connection/Power on & off issue

I just want top echo John’s concern relating to the mount. I also find it near impossible to reconnect the camera to the mount. To do it one-handed? No way. The locking or tightening ring for the mount never seems to really firm-up the connection. It is always quite wobbly, and I’ve tried different positions, cleaning it, different angles and on and on. I agree that there may be something wrong with the connection to the mount, and the effectiveness of the mount itself.

If there is another, newer mount, I’d consider buying it.

Thanks for listening.


I too would like to echo what @JohnCalvert and @djhussey are saying. I too have the kick starter version and getting the camera to connect to the mount with one hand would be a dream. I have to use both hands and fight to get the thing to lock into place with two clicks. I have tried just about everything as I thought I may have been doing it wrong. Once on the mount and locked into place, the camera does move around and rattles (which can be heard on recordings) at times. Also tried everything to see if I could fix that too.


Agreed, the mount is definitely the weakest point of at least the Kickstarter edition cameras. It almost seems like the rubber spacer is just slightly too thick, resulting in a real struggle when attaching the camera to the mount. I wonder if a softer or thinner material might help? It is quite easy to attach the camera with one hand if that rubber ring is removed - but of course the camera then wobbles excessively.

At any rate, it’s kind of encouraging to hear that other users experience the same problems with the mount; that certainly seems to suggest that my troubles aren’t due to misuse on my part or damage to my camera/mount. Maybe there were improvements made for the retail camera mounts?

I’m confident that other shortcomings can and will be corrected with software, it’s just frustrating to have an otherwise-positive experience tarnished by this bit of hardware.


Agree @codesplice. Agreed


Another +1 for Kickstarter edition mount difficulties. It absolutely requires two hands for mine and a decent amount of push to coax both clicks out of it. It holds firm once in place and I don’t have to remove it often, but it’s easily one of the most bothersome use cases. I figured out the rotating “lock” part on my own, but I find that no matter where I set it, the camera itself receives a lot of secondary vibration and some additional noise from said vibration. I’m pretty happy with the camera/system in general, but the KS mounting hardware leaves quite a bit to be desired.


We are addressing the mount issue on a case by case basis…so if you do have issues, please email support@waylens.com to put in a formal support ticket!

For now check out this quick demonstration:


@forum thanks for the video.

I have been attaching the rear of the camera first before rocking it forward and pushing the front very firmly into place. It definitely requires two hands (one to push on the camera and the other to stabilize the mount).

I did some experimentation this morning with inserting the front edge first and then rocking back. Out of ten attempts, I did get the camera to easily attach with one hand twice. The other attempts were completely unsuccessful, even when I added a second hand back into the mix. It seems like you’ve got to have the components lined up very precisely for the one-handed front-first approach to work, so I’ll keep practicing with it and see if I can train myself to do it more reliably. It’s kind of awkward to do given the angles involved.


Holy crap. I think I figured it out. I was ten for ten at mounting the camera with one hand this afternoon. I’m pretty excited!

The trick (that seems to work for me now, at least) is to raise the camera to the mount so that camera is perpendicular to the mount (rather than angling fore or aft). Once the collar around the 5-pin connector gets depressed by the mount, then press the front of the camera up until it clicks, followed by rocking the rear up until it clicks solidly in place. Focusing on getting the mount to depress the collar before tilting the camera in either direction seems to make everything line up as it should, requiring far less pressure than I was applying previously.

Fingers crossed that this wasn’t a fluke


No chance, still does not work for me. Its two hands or a no go.


Helpful video. My success rate has increased significantly. Unfortunately, this seems to be a situation where elegance in looks has led to a dainty awkwardness in design and execution. Functional, but not as good as solid as it could be?


Ok, Waylens sent me a replacement mount. Got the new mount today, took it out of the box, snap the camera on it…WITH ONE HAND!!! The new mount works perfectly. Now I can put the camera on the mount in a snap with very little effort. Thank you!!!:slight_smile:


I finally used my Waylens for the first time since I got it. In the winter I don’t do the enthusiastic driving I bought the camera for. I have the Kickstarter version, I echo the issues people have reported - if I don’t use two hands I cannot get it mounted. Once mounted it seems to be ok, other than that and some jagged pixels when recording @ 60fps I like it. I hope the mount issue is improved - I assume the pixel issue will be addressed with a firmware update.


I also own the Kick starter unit and found this mount barely usable so I ordered a new one and it is worse than the original. Talk about a waist of money. Email tech support was no help, I watched the video and understand how to attach the camera, the mount is a piece of trash. I also get the clicking noises in my recordings.
Here is there response.

Hello Richard,

Thank you for reaching out and for your support. Those mounts can be tricky. There should be two clicks heard when connecting the mount and camera together. The best way to do this would be to have each component in each hand then push together. Generally, the back of the connector (no notch) will click in first. Some extra force may be needed to push the front (with notch) in place. A click will be heard and the shake of the mount will showcase if it is firmly secured.

In case the adhesive becomes dirty, it can be wiped with a damp cloth to remove any debris. Ensure the windshield is cleaned prior to adhering the mount to it. With a firm push attach the mount then turn the locks to secure it. Depending on how you have the charging cable positioned, the weight of it may pull it the camera down.

Also, have you checked our support page: support.waylens.com for FAQs and tutorials? Let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

  • The Waylens Team


I’m also experiencing this issue with my kickstarter camera. I emailed support. We’ll see.


They responded to me and they are going to send me a Gen-2 mount. I just hope it’s better.


Same here. I hope it’s better


The 2nd generation mount they sent me does work, but it is still a two-hand operation which requires some finesse. I’m not sure that the Kickstarter camera isn’t part of the mounting problem.