Waylens Horizon Polarizer Filter



Waylens Community,

You asked and we listened. We are proud to announce the release of the Horizon polarizer filter!

The Waylens Horizon circular polarizer filter helps to eliminate windshield reflections and glare. It produces increased color and tonal saturation in your video. The filter also provides an added layer of protection for the Horizon lens.

Installing the Horizon Polarizer Filter is easy. Remove the Horizon lens ring by rotating counter-clockwise. Place the polarizer filter over the lens and turn clockwise. Rotate the filter ring to adjust the intensity of the polarization effect.

The Waylens Horizon Polarizer filter @ Shop.waylens.com


Wow great! I can remember the discussion a year ago and our tries with self made filters .
Is the unit compatible with the kickstarter models?
Can you show some comparison pics or videos?


Nice! This is an awesome development. Thanks Waylens for listening to our feedback and introducing an accessory to address our concerns!


@markymark666 - yes, the filter is compatible with all Horizon cameras. We’re working on providing some sample video for you!


Why are there no red options!


Looking forward to the sample vidoes.

Btw, are you gonna release the new smaller GPS mount shown in the pic as well, soon?


Good eye - I like the way that looks!


They’ve listed it on the Horizon product page (https://www.waylens.com/horizon/) under the “A TOTAL PLUG-AND-PLAY SYSTEM” section, but can’t find it in the “Shop” pages.


@cm1 - The filter is listed in the accessories section. I also listed the link in the first post.


@forum – thanks!

Again, I’m also looking forward to more details and pricing on the not-yet-announced smaller GPS mount in the photo! :wink:


Good catch @cm1 - we’ll provide an update on that soon…


Very interested in this filter, dash glare is brutal in my car. Anyone got any footage through this filter?


Trying to make the purchase, but looks like there is only limited international countries can be shipped to?


How does the filter affect night time performance as most polarizers reduce the amount of light by 2 f stops (speaking in traditional camera lingo)?


Hi @asimo118 - currently due to distribution limitations, we only ship to a limited amount of international countries. Where do you live, I can check in with our team to see if we can manually set up a shipment.

@derek - The polarizer does in fact reduce the exposure by 2 stops. The Horizon is set up for autoexposure so it should adjust accordingly. We’re working on some comparison videos to provide…


Thanks for the info, does this mean that the night time video’s become more grainy? There is only so much you can do with auto exposure, if you start cranking up the ISO, you introduce more noise/grain. I just want to know how those video’s look.

I am looking forward to the side by side video comparison.


Well I just got mine. Easy to install. I haven’t been driving a lot since I now work from home primarily but it looks like it blocks some of the glare but not really a lot. I’ll take it out for a spin later in the day and see how it really does. For now I added a few pictures of the filter and one screenshot without the filter. I hope this helps others.


Nice, mine arrived last week. Will be testing at my next 2-day event October 6-7 and will have footage to share


Here is polarizer footage. Just did day 1 of 2 at Thunderhill West. (2 mile)

Looks much better than without the filter.

With filter today:

Without filter before:

Note: Lap timer worked on 4 out of 5 sessions. 5th session it shows as one long map. Better than my experience a few weeks ago where only 2 sessions out of 8 worked, but still a gap. Would love to see how we can increase reliability. I am definitely pushing the icon for a closed loop.


Another video with polarizer, chasing my friend who is a far better driver. If anybody needs driving lines for Thunderhill West, this is it. Amazing audio and video quality from Waylens with the polarizer filter + suction cup accessory mount. This is what keeps me with Waylens, even though I have problems with laptimer recording sometimes.

I have been giving Waylens a lot of mentions at the track - if you can figure out how to make laptimer more reliable, you will have a killer solution. The remaining weakness is data logging, i.e. brake activation at each corner of the car, current gear, and other stuff that AIM Solo DL does.