Waylens Studio Crashes


It would be cool if Waylens Studio at least offered the same export options as the Waylens mobile apps. :thumbsup:


I have not tried speed priority. Jokingly, that setting isn’t my priority as I’d expect to be able to export at high quality without crashes. I can give it a shot and report back.

Agreed on mobile. I have a 12.9” iPad Pro (A9X) that could be good at transcoding, maybe even faster than my 2013 MacBook Air


Meanwhile I gave up the experiments with my Windows-PC and switched to my Macbook Air. I need encoding with the highest possible settings because I use the videos as source for Youtube…

The MacOSX-version runs with much less crashes so far but the Macbook encodes about 4-6 times slower in Medium settings than my PC with the Xeon X5675. This means encoding for hours to days… Quality settings would need even much more encoding time…


Interesting results. Encoding on speed priority worked without crashing.

~1 hour video, speed priority using latest Waylens Studio PC with the new libraries Vicent shared:
33.9GB file, 76 mbps video using baseline @ L4.2
CPU usage ~30% on my i7-770 during encoding

~20 minute video, default priority using latest Waylens Studio PC without the new libraries:
2.33GB file, 15.2 mbps video using high @ L4.2
CPU usage ~50% on my i7-7700 during encoding

I thought speed priority would be a smaller file and lower bitrate, but the baseline profile makes sense. What do the different quality/default/speed priority change? I’m re-encoding most of the time for picture-in-picture overlays (multiple cameras in car) so maybe speed priority is good for intermediate processing.


I’m glad that the speed priority worked without crashes @KenYip. @VincentSun can provide details on the setting parameters.


Thank you so much for the info, Sir.
The video quality options is corresponding to the internal preset profiles provided by x264 encoder(speed priority means “fast” in the preset).
To be honest, I have no idea why the video quality options matter to the crashes when encoding. For me, a more reasonable explanation would be that it reduces the occurrence rate a lot.
However, I am interested in the cpu usage changes brought by the new libs, please keep an eye on it and I will also do more testing in the office to decide whether it is necessary to replace them.
Thank you!


Waylens Studio PC users - Try to update these compatibility settings and see if this helps the crashes!