Waylens Studio title bar only macOS Mojave


I just installed Waylens Studio on my 5K iMac (2017) and when I launch the application, the only thing that comes up is the title bar (see image). For a brief moment you see the drop shadow of the whole window, but it never renders the contents. I am running macOS Mohave 10.14.1 build 18B50c (beta).


I have the same problem after updating to 1.4.4. The earlier version seemed to work fine on Mojave


We are investigating it right now and will provide a new version to fix it asap.
Thank you!


[deleted - I still have test version installed on windows 10. my bad]


This issue has been fixed. Please update to 1.4.5.


It appears to be working, I’ll import some video and check later this afternoon. Thanks for the quick turnaround!